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Interview with ORLANDOBANDS.COM!

=D! Check out this interview I did with Sanja from Anyone's Guess and ORLANDOBANDS.COM! Thank you for supporting your local music scene! http://orlandobands.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/719/

A hello to all our friends and listeners!

Thanks for checking out our music on Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace, etc... hehe. Thanks to all that have come to see us play live and who have given us such wonderful compliments and feedback! We appreciate you very much! There will be updates to come in the next few weeks, such as new photos! My fellow musicians: Don't ever let anyone make you feel weak or powerless. It's too often I've heard people belittle musicians, saying that our heads are in the clouds or that we're "never going to go anywhere in our lives." These people will forever be a cog in the wheel that turns round and round, serving no purpose than to punch in, punch out, and maintain mediocrity. It's too often that people forget that we, MUSICIANS, have more power than they could ever dream of. WE have the power to influence someone's mood, someone's day, the food he/she eats, the clothes he/she wears, the people he/she votes for, the places he/she chooses to travel to, the things he/she choose to take up as hobbies, the movies he/she watches, even the language he/she decides to learn...WE CHANGE LIVES. Try to never forget that and never let them take away your flame... -April-