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It's a daunting task, to write and record original music without benefit of contribution or perspective from others. Persistence, a good ear, and brutal honesty are the best chops I can throw down. But who can claim that their objectivity remains untainted after the countless hours it takes to build a demo? The video of "Favorite DriveThru Girl" proved to be a great lesson in this regard. A local theater advertised their casting call for variety acts to perform in a recent show. I selected a song from my catalog that I felt was most appropriate for the event, recorded the backing tracks, and walked out as the first performer in front of a cold audience. The proof is in the live footage from the video: my judgement about the song and its presentation were validated. Getting a crowd to buy into music they've never heard before is no small feat. It takes good songwriting. And that is my only ultimate goal. In total, I have been writing and recording for roughly ten years. The limitations of my musicianship are sometimes all too apparent. Most of my offerings are rough-edged, as the seeds of a new song are being planted while each demo under construction is still waiting to blossom. So be it, until the day when accomplished artists can embellish any of my songs and make them shine. I believe that these are good songs. And I believe in my judgement. Thanks for your time, I hope you'll listen to a few different selections and find something you can buy into. Drew Blank

Hammer Time


Looks like this initial effort of promoting my songwriting has reached a peak, and it has been a terrific learning experience. Self-publication and networking on the web are viable routes to gain exposure: however, these tools are NOT a big hammer to pound the pavement with. So I managed to make some cracks, and only hit my thumb a couple of times. The results to date have FAR exceeded expectations, and I again wish to thank everyone who took a moment to sample "Find The Limit" and "Beside Me". I believe that creating any artistic work is an amazing challenge, and a great opportunity for introspection. You have to smash down the walls of ego and pretense. Then chip away at your work with as much criticism as you can muster...all while remaining confident in your efforts and believing in your ability. The best reward for me was the sense of validation that these last two weeks produced. Among some fine compliments I received, two excellent musicians listened to my demos...and they get it. And they know I get it. They heard it through the missed notes, and cluttered arrangements, and listened past the borders of genre which categorize our preferences. They heard the work of a songwriter. Time to get back to work. The demo of "Beside Me" will be entered in a national songwriting competition: I believe it would be a fine power ballad if punched up by a rock band, or a suitable selection for a pop/adult contemporary artist. It's a good song, we'll see if it's good enough. There are many more to follow, and the best ones are still behind the wall. I hope you'll stick around to see what I can knock out.

Beside Me

It was a difficult decision to add this song to my playlist today....

There is one note I would love to go back and correct, but other seeds are now being planted.

So this flower will have to survive on its own, flawed though it may be. And it will have to find appreciation in a landscape filled with metallic machinery and the screams of power created by it.

There is beauty in that power.

There is also power in beauty.

"Beside Me", written, performed and engineered by Drew Blank