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My third CD/EP

Hi everybody, for those who doesn't know yet, my 3rd CD/EP is ready, and you can hear a bit of it here in ReverbNation. The first 10 themes that appears on my play list. Thanks to all that will check out some of them, or all of them...lol

About "Likes"

It will be very much appreciated.., don't give a "Like" if you don't really like the stuff. Give a "Like" and take it back next day is not a honest action, you will not go very far that way and you will not get more fans either... This is about music is not a political affair... Peace be cool...


The winds of changes are blowing… and they take me from south to North… Hope to make new friends here in France without forget the all time friends...

Laura Preminger
Laura Preminger  (about 6 years ago)

Hi Alex, you'll be very welcome in Paris ! See you there.

Mediterranean Inspiration

Piano and Orchestra, Easy Listening music, with Mediterranean influences. For Melodies lovers. Thank you for visiting and listen.