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New stuff in the works, number 6 on local charts, and beautiful weather.

Working on 2 new ones today, should be done very soon! I've also been slowly climbin these charts, hustlin my ass off. This weather is great! Got me in good spirits and inspiration is at a high. Peace be the journey.

What's Goin On

Basically have about 3 songs almost done, 6 total in the works right now. I have this bad habit of not finishing one thing at a time haha. Also working on logos, building up the studio, and finding shows! Please help spread the word everyone. One love.


Got the new one up, it's called "Zombies". Check it, share it, like it, download it, and spread the word! Produced and written by me. 3 new songs in the works already, along with T-shirt design, promotions, shows for the future, and stuff past music. Life is good!

New songs on the way

Hello everyone, I have new songs in the works right now. Two are completely original; produced, written, mixed, and mastered by me. These are my first tracks doing it all myself. I also have another song on a Koja NC production coming. Listen up, spread the word, and download!

First Song Done!

Officially posted my first track called "Learning To Let Go" featuring my good friend The Koja NC who produced that beautiful instrumental. I worked hard on this, hope you guys like!