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Musical Narrowmindedness

Barry here, The other day I was talking to an ex-girlfriend of mine and started listening to music. She said, "Nothing is better than Green Day...they are the best band ever period." This wouldn't have bothered me ordinarily, but I was in a bad mood so I replied, "That is a highly inaccurate statement." I went on to say, "You can have your own opinion about music...but to say Green Day is the best is very narrow minded." She asked me who I thought was the greatest rock band to ever live. I said The Beatles of course and gave her a list of reasons why. But what she said next came as a HUGE surprise. "Who are the Beatles?!" If that statement isn't enough about the modern generation of music listeners....I don't know what is. It is not that I am basing my entire view of music listeners today as narrow minded because of one person's statements, but statements similar have been said for quite a while now. It's also not that it's so much just about music but also about musicians. Obviously Mike Portnoy is better than Travis Barker but they can't be compared in terms of musicality because they play different styles and they've played for a different amount of years. A better match up would be Travis Barker and Steve-O or Corbus. To me, I enjoy many many different types of music. Having versatility in your music playlist or even in your own musical creation is important. I have to say this to fellow musicians....Don't just play music that is popular and don't conform yourself to one genre of music. Feel free to experiment with what comes to you naturally. If it's hardcore mixed with folk or pop with techno or even country mixed with metal then pursue it and make it your own. I also have to say, go and look at several types of artists like: Seal, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blue Oyster Cult, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Audioslave, Nirvana, Santana, Tool, and ZZ Top. You don't have to like all or even any of their music....but you HAVE to respect it and what these artists have stood for.