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Ghettovintage T-Oz Holly

Hello world, I go by the name T-Oz Holly (The original zone)from the city of Compton been rapper for 16yrs seriously for 9yr.Was in a group called G-line but I went solo in 2012 and came out with my first Mixtape called: I love yall haters vol.1. T-Oz Holly has a lot of projects coming up like feature on Terry Sky new mixtape (Reservoir Dogs) on track like :Just do it and :Cinos and : breaking Band. I'm releasing my second Mixtape Called(Ghetto Vintage)coming soon and lots more!!!!....Checkout my new single:So Compton, Its already a Compton classic So Compton video coming soon!!!!

The original zone(T-Oz

Check a few songs off my new mixtape (Love yall haters Vol.1) Hardtimes,Goodtimes,Realtimes u going to cry,smile,dance checkout my life in music GOD BLess