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This week's show brings a very special guest: Liverpool singer/songwriter/musician/producer/engineer Joe Symes. A man with all these slashes has got to be good—and he is! Joe is the epitome of the DIY spirit. He's been in bands, but out of necessity, he's currently doing the whole thing himself. He'll get an idea in his head, grab whatever musical instrument is nearby—and for him, that could be anything from guitar, bass, drums, or even a pair of spoons—and turn it into a song. Then he records it all using a plethora of vintage instruments and amps, multitracks it, and voila—another nugget comes alive! The music he makes is straight up rock. And I know that the “kids” these days (read: people younger than me, and that number seems to be growing by the minute) refer to “rock” as loud, hard, metal-type music. But there was a time when rock, was, well, rock! Think U2, or somebody like that who can fill an arena. That's my definition of rock. And Joe goes for the big sound, and pulls it off nicely. His songs are exciting, and grab you from the get-go. Joe is well-schooled in the art form. When I asked him about some of his biggest influences, he named lots of the greats—but his #1 (and #2, #3, and #4) choice was the Beatles. Many musicians pick the Fab Four, but Joe has studied them ever since he was a small child. To him, their history is living and breathing all around him in Liverpool. The clubs where they played (and he's played). Their homes, schools, and hangouts. He makes a point of respecting the diversity of their different musical phases. He doesn't really sound that much like them, but he's learned from their work ethic and pushing of boundaries. Other great influences include the Doors and the great acts of Motown. At this point, he's playing solo acoustic gigs, like he did recently at the IPO (International Pop Overthrow) festival in Liverpool in May. He somehow manages to translate the big sound to acoustic guitar, and makes it work. I haven't yet heard what this sounds like, but it must be good, because he keeps getting gigs booked all over the northern UK. If Joe Symes doesn't succeed, it won't be for lack of trying. He's constantly working—long nights creating new music, even longer nights networking and promoting said new music, and playing gig after gig after gig. Don't worry—I'm confident he will succeed! We'll get to hear three of his songs this week during our chat, and you'll see what I mean. www.reverbnation.com/1joesymes

FXF MAGAZINE interview with JOE SYMES 2/7/2011 3345 bar, liverpool

Headed down the m62, Sat nav..liverpool L1 Parr street, the 3345 lounge bar to meet JOE SYMES, The hardest working songsmith in liverpool..!!! FXFMAG.COM was proud and honoured to catch up with JOE before his set to discuss his influences, his work load and his plans for the future..!!! FXFXMAG.COM have been playing his tracks all week, his superb ONE TOO MANY is one of them tunes that once heard, you just get it out of your head, A TOUCH OF BRILLIANCE DASH STROKE TOUR DE FORCE..!!!! His other tracks.. SO SAD ABOUT US, HOPEFUL HEARTS. LOST ALONG THE WAY, DONT MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME drip with pure genius that encapsulate lifes personal tales of sorrow,loss, love and joy. True to the liverpool songwriters of past, JOE does not let us down and continues to keep the flame burning..!!! Influences include THE BEATLES(of course) DYLAN and MOTOWN, yet we stil cant seem to put a finger on his sytle of sound...? AND THATS SPECIAL...!!! Playing nearly every night in and around the city and still keeping down a day job, we were taken aback by how he manages to do it..? THATS DEDICATION..!!! Formely of buzzradio, JOE decided to go it alone and has been getting rave reviews ever since, his set was a pleasure to behold and left us wanting more. We wish JOE all the best in the future, and may his flame burn eternal, FXFMAG.COM hopt to bring him to wire town soon. Thank you JOE for giving us the time, your a noble man and also we think THE HARDEST WORKING SONGSMITH IN LIVERPOOL...!!! interview/review by RUSS and KAYI.

SKY,S ANGELS magazine interview with JOE SYMES 28/5/2011, By C LOUISE HADEN

If your not familiar with JOE, No worries you will be soon. He,s been around now as a solo artist for just over 2months now and has already had great exposure from countries like NEW YORK, CHINA, ICELAND and MEXICO to name just a few..!!! This talented artist not only writes all of his lyrics, but can play drums, guitar, piano and harmonica and he,s self taught..!!! If i was to describe his music, i would say it has an INDIE-ROCK sound to it..!!! Lucky i got the chance to ask him a few questions before he played and here is what was said..!!! WWW.SKYSANGELSMAG.CO.UK