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GBlack314 King Jobe DronezNmyZone on Reverb!!!

S/O King Jobe #minorsetback #MajorComeUp S/O GBlack314 The GSeries Mixtape Coming June 2013. King Jobe LawLess North 1.3 In the streets NOW!!! Dvst8ta Mixtape DronezNmyZone Summer 2013. ZoneWork WeActive!!!!

Working 2day 4 a better 2morrow

Zone Work still out here active working on that My Untold Truthz Mixtape 4 the 2013...No dayz off payz off u knoWorking 2day 4 better 2morrow. Yall stay untouchable #zonework

Zone Work World

We Zone Workin heavy wit windows of oppurtunity opening we climb in grindin 2day 4 a better 2morrow. S/O 2 G Series my dude is deep in pushin wit a purpose. Buildin strong foundation in preparation 4 heavy rotation. HBD My bruh JSpitty Saynomo Music party @ Escalades 2nite we active #ZoneWork

Zone World

My bruh Stevo say it's grindtime. My bruh J Spitty saynomo GSeries say enhance ya performance#VictoryLovesPreparation

Life in the Zone

Everyday u gotta get up & get it. No dayz off payz off. U gotta go through it 2 get 2 it. Aint no hand outs bruh thatz a empty palm. Shout Out my dude GSeriez reppin Zone Work like no other.