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If the single was a cat, it would be out of the bag

Oh glorious reverent. To experience such visceral emotion, is to feel what it's like to release a record. To be so committed to it. From it's innate state of being through the outcome of many; a child.

We're so stoked to see this child get up on it's feet and run around. Play in the sandbox. Get into trouble. Make miss-takes. Meet the girl of it's dreams. Fall out of Love. Learn to be of true value. Win the hearts of many.

Glorious reverent, man. God is music. I feel God. I feel good. So, I think it'd be super cool if you checked out the tune...for the child's sake.;) haha

We'll be releasing the album in early March!

We, also, have a new FB page. Without the "The". It'd be cool if you Like"d us!

Stay tuned for more...

We're in the studio!!!

Today is day 4 of recording and we couldn't be happier with the progress of this record. Stay in touch and we will keep updated on photos, videos and progress. Cheers!