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From Goodyear, Arizona, USA: Dina Preston Band

JJ Rocks article # 298: From Goodyear, Arizona, USA: Dina Preston Band

Straight from the heart and in your face! That's how I like my country music. Especially when it displays a more creative direction. Most truck driver stories and tear jerker ballads are a thing of the past. And The Dina Preston Band from Goodyear, Arizona is a fine example of modern day country arrangements with power and conviction combined with traditional themes within their compositions and performance. What a great musical country recipe for a genre that has so much competition! This band is on the right track! Top notch musicianship, cool songwriting, and great vocals are understatements when it comes to The Dina Preston Band! And their energy just jumps right out of the speakers and makes me want to get off my chair. With all the wanna be stars in the world of country music, it's hard to really grab someone's attention that otherwise may be consumed by so many bands on the web. But this fine group of musicians know just how to catch the ears of country music lovers. And that's by breaking their own new ground without really changing the musical landscape.

Make sure that you check out their bio here on TSZ! They travel the world being musical ambassadors that are representing Americans home grown music. And they do it with pride! - JJ Rocks, St.Croix, Virgin Islands

Here is a link to their profile and music on The Spotlight Zone: http://www.thespotlightzone.com/profile/?band=5376

Celebrate Our Nation Heroes

Come celebrate our nation heroes in this First Annual Wounded Troops Family Event @ the Wilhelm Family Vineyards. The mission of the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is to help severely-wounded veterans and families of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn recover from their injuries and illnesses, and to inspire other organizations and the general public to participate in this effort. Address: 21 Mountain Ranch Drive Elgin, AZ 85611 (520) 455-9291

Dina Preston Band Wall of Sound

Dina Preston Band Rating:5 Stars The Dina Preston Band delivered a great show as the headliner of the disabled veterans benefit Saturday night at the Mesa Convention Center, Mesa, Arizona. From "R-O-C-K in the USA" to their own penned song about PTSD entitled "So Blue" to 5 Grammy winner and keyboard player Michael Terry playing and singing "God Bless the USA" this might have been the best show in the western states on Saturday night. Live performance pix taken during the disabled veterans benefit show at the Mesa Convention Center, Mesa, Arizona on March 14, 2015 Live performance pix taken during the disabled veterans benefit show at the Mesa Convention Center, Mesa, Arizona on March 14, 2015 photo by author Michael Sikorsky View all 20 photos The evening began with Hans Olson, a solo acoustic vocalist and songwriter with a harmonica wrapped around his neck with which he played the fills while continuing to provide the groove with his guitar. No, he could not play harmonica and sing at the same time, although it seemed this blues rock country performer reminiscent of Hoyt Axton could harmonica-vocalize if he wished. Rock Slide Jones was the middle act entertaining us with their own brand of electric blues rock. These two acts already had us feeling like we had gotten our money's worth but the very best was yet to come. After about 60 seconds of the Dina Preston Band performance two factors in their incredible wall of sound had us in absolute amazement: Dina Preston's center note pitch and powerful delivery reminiscent of Pat Benatar and the smokin' hot electric lead fill playing of Don Ortiz, Dina's husband. Throughout the Dina Preston Band show the groove never faltered. Drummer Henry Lara was solid as a rock during every song, playing just enough transition fill to make each song better in a way only a top notch drummer can do. The bass player and the drummer should be so tight they are sleeping together (musically speaking). Bass player Mark Newberry was every bit as solid as Drummer Henry Lara and together they cut a groove for each song in their own smooth energetic lay-back over-the-top way. Bassist Mark Newberry sang lead on two songs also. This Mesa Arizona Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapter had been trying to book the Dina Preston Band for a benefit concert for 16 years when their busy travel schedule finally allowed them to say yes. Word has it the Dina Preston Band will be performing next weekend in Tucson at the classic Mustangs convention. https://youtu.be/TbWogsobzS0 You can copy this link into a browser address bar and type Enter to see the four minute pre concert interview with Dina Preston and Don Ortiz.http://www.examiner.com/review/dina-preston-band-delivers-a-great-show

Check Out Dina Preston 's 10 Piece Band Headlining

Arizona's Dina Preston Band headlines Camp World Rally 2015 in conjunction with Guinness World Record Books to break another World record! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! http://therally.com/phoenix/entertainment-phoenix/

72 Weeks @ #1 Thanks to our ReverbNation Family!

The Dina Preston Band would like to thank all of our RverbNation Family for your amazing support! We have been able to grow due to the ReverbNation artist. Thanks for being a Big Part of our Family Tree! Love Dina, Don, Mark & Henry

We're number 51 on the ReverbNation Country charts for US.

Thank you all for your help and support! More important thanks for turning new fans and friends on to our music too! Here's to a successful year! Cheers, DPB http://www.reverbnation.com/dinaprestonband

New Dina Preston Band Website

Hi Everyone! We've put together our new web site! Please give us your feedback! Likes and dislikes. Cheers, DPB http://dinaprestonband.com/

Arizona's Dina Preston Band Headlines 4th of July @ Bemus Bay Pops

Arizona's Dina Preston Band Headlines 4th of July @ Bemus Bay Pops performing on the Floating Stage with Fireworks to follow.Get your Tickets NOW! http://dinaprestonband.com/2014/06/dina-preston-band-4th-of-july-bemus-point-new-york/

Dina Preston Band Headlines Bemus Bay Pops NY July 4th

EAST COAST FRIENDS FLASH! Dina Preston Band Headlines July 4th Bemus Bay Pops N.Y. on the floating stage with Fireworks show to follow! Click here to get your tickets early! http://dinaprestonband.com/2014/06/dina-preston-band-4th-of-july-bemus-point-new-york/

Dina Preston Band Proud to Headline Band of Brothers Festival

Arizona's Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill" is proud to Headline Band of Brothers Festival in Payson AZ on May 23-24-25th! Bring the whole family! Preforming in 40 countries and over 20 World Tours for our Troops! http://dinaprestonband.com/2014/05/band-of-brothers-festival-may-23-24-25-payson-arizona