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That's the date ladies & germs! That's the official date when studio work begins! We're expecting to be done w/ tracking, mixing, & mastering by the end of March. More updates to follow soon! Peace, God Bless, & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Quickstar Productions, Glambert vs. Freddie Mercury, & What will be on the E.P.

One of the biggest scams in the music industry come in the form of parasites (who fall somewhere between the bubonic plague & pedophiles). These parasites masquerade around claiming something to the extent of "You send me "X" dollars and sign a contract, we'll review your material...master it, & shop it around to our 'numerous' (spare me the bullshit) contacts in the record business." I was born in the daytime, but it wasn't yesterday you damn fool! Directly below is my response to the e-mail I received today.

"Any reputable A&R Firm or whatever works with artists on a basis of taking a fixed percentage of the musicians earnings, so there's an incentive for all involved parties to work for the artist's benefit. You have no permission to use any of my material...if I find out you, or ANY of your kind are doing anything with any of my material, you will be contacted by my attorney. Good day sir. -Byron Warfield" ------------------------------------------------------------

Moving on...one may wonder why I'm bothering to comment on the hype surrounding Adam Lambert & his recent debacles. It's simple...Brian May & Roger Taylor (Queen) have expressed great interest in actually working with the guy. "That's an incredible instrument he has there (his voice). I personally would love to be working with him." - Brian May

I have and will recite my opinion of Adam Lambert. He does have a powerful voice, the theatricality of his presence & voice does remind me in SOME ways of Freddie Mercury. Frankly, I don't think it would work. Why? It's not a matter of him not being able to sing the songs, however it is a matter of him not being developed enough as a singer to really interpret Queen's material; which Paul Rodgers did a DAMN GOOD job of. The 24th of November was the 18th Anniversary of Freddie's death...and with all the talk of 'Glambert's' comparisons to Freddie...there's no contest. The shadow that Freddie Mercury cast as Queen's frontman could only be tamed by Paul Rodgers. SHAME ON that collaboration (Queen & Paul Rodgers) being over with...that is a high crime that I blame the record business for as well as my hero (Brian May). Adam Lambert needs a 10 year career of being a rock (primarily) & pop singer before he can dream of doing the job of being Queen's frontman justice.

His performance on ABC the other night was awful. The song sucked (stylistically, & for really showing what he can do live), his voice wasn't very good that night either...& performance wise he's clearly a Madonna wannabe (in all fairness to him I don't know how much of a say he has in all that so I'll blame whoever is in control of that stuff). On the flipside, "Time For Miracles" is alright. Not the song of the decade or whatever, but unlike the song he performed on ABC...it's something that could really capture the raw power of his voice. I haven't heard his album so I can't comment on that. If I was his manager, I'd advise him to take a path of making more rock oriented music...it would take him a bit longer to peak, but he'd have a longer career. If he goes w/ pop (which it seems that's where he's headed), he'll be forgotten about in 10 years. Which will add to the list of scores of talented, legitimate singers & musicians who have been trashed & left by the wayside.


As far as the EP is concerned..."He Is Here" will be in some ways re-tracked w/ vocals added to it (as well as properly mixed); so that song will get a proper renovation. "For Her, Always" is another one which will likely appear on there as well. "Stand Up" is a definite opener...I'm working on crafting a clever 15-20 sec. intro to open the EP. The rest of the material that will be on the EP is really up in the air. I'm gonna be talking to my studio engineer around Christmas, so it won't be then until I found out weather it will be a 4 or 5 song EP.

Well, it's technically Thanksgiving...so Happy Turkey Day to All! Peace!


My Lesson on Basic Guitar Harmony

Getting on harmonies now...as I understand it. There are two types of harmony in western music (music school jargon).

-Parallel -Non Parallel

If you (for example) recorded a very simple guitar line...and played over it (same key). You would be playing a 'two voice' counterpoint piece. At times, you'll find parallel harmony (the intervals between the two voices (or instruments) being identical)...An example?

Using 3 Voices (The separate strings are separate voices here...although you could play them together):

E-----5p4h5--- B-----6p5h6--- G-----5p4h5---

All together...what you have here is an F major triad that you pull off (a half step pull off) and then it becomes an E major triad...get creative w/ it...add vibrato...bend up to the note...do this like trills...but remember...this is only two movements of parallel harmony. A simple descending one fret, then hammering on the note you started on. The possibilities are endless!!! The prime example (IMO), and the pioneer of contrapuntal guitar harmony in rock is Dr. Brian May (Queen, Queen & Paul Rodgers, solo). Look up the songs..."Procession," "God Save The Queen," "Good Company," "Brighton Rock," "Bohemian Rhapsody," or "The Millionaire Waltz," he basically bridged the old and the new with his 'guitar army.

As far as I know in blues...there is really just parallel harmony (if any at all) in the guitar parts...the intervals you'll find in harmonies are 3rds, 5ths, & Octaves.

Remember...just think of the what the intervals are in the scale or mode that you're playing in. When you're creating a conventional guitar harmony...you're kind of playing parts of a chord. The Allman Brothers give a great examples of blues guitar harmonies, however: when it comes to rock guitar, the master of that is Brian May. Jimmy Page created some harmonies...but I think he had more of a thing with layering rhythm tracks.

Thanksgiving Update

What's up everyone...A while ago (well over a month), I added some rare sketch compositions & demos (on my MySpace Artist page) that have had either very short stints (if any time at all) on the profile page. I'm now trying (in a disciplined way) to coordinate marketing efforts for my music through MySpace, Reverb Nation, Facebook, & Pure Volume...there seems to be a possible green light for session work for the EP that will (if it's a definite go) be slated for sometime during the first couple of months in 2010. I do apologize for not having things more active here...and will strive to repent from that & improve accordingly. Thanks again for all your support, & I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Update: November 2009

Hey everyone...I've decided to anchor the promotions of my music through Reverb Nation, Facebook, & MySpace. Through those 3 sites I can coordinate my efforts to promote, share, & further my journey as a musician. Creatively I'm in a very fertile writing period, I'm coming up with ideas that I never thought I'd conceive. One song in particular is a MONSTER epic piece called "Rose of Sharon." It's the epic rock song that never was (fusing progressive, middle eastern scales, & REAL blues). There are 4 other songs that are coming to fruition as well, which only deepens the depth of my catalog & repertoire. I love it! :) There is a song by this lady called Darcie called "Blood Cries," which I contributed a lead guitar part for which hopefully soon will be seeing the light of day. I have a studio that I have permission to use, at the moment I'm working out scheduling & access details so I can get to work on an EP/Demo that is long overdue. There is the possibility of me joining up with a group, but I've sworn myself to silence...& I really can't say anymore about it. It is inevitable, not a question of 'if'...but 'when.' I shall not say anything further about until it's official & all. Remember to spread the word about my music & such...God Bless & Peace! - Byron