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Birthday Wishes

Wow, over 100 Birthday Wishes, sure makes a girl feel special, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! www.katiebelleakinmusic.com

It's My Party!!!


EP Release!!!

So excited my EP release date of 02/04/2012 is approaching!!! can't wait.

Lets get this Party started

First week of the New Year, enjoying some awesome SoCa wheather headed out this morning for my video shoot of my song Born For This!! This is gonna be good...

The Holidays are on Us!

What a year! I mean WHAT A YEAR! onward and upward!!! so many things have happened to forward my music,so many talented artists have stepped in to help, although juggling all my responsibilities has left me exhausted many days, I drop into bed each night, say my prayers and fall asleep with a smile on my face, Blessings

Speaking out Against Bullying

I know I am younger than alot of people on this site, but many people have been bullied and it doesnt matter what your age. my song Who I Am, which i cowrote is about bullying, I have been bullied many times, it happens alot when no one else is around to see. my message is to be strong, talk to others about it, and stand up for yourself. there are many ways to overcome and it can start with each one of us. Please be extra kind to someone today. I LOVE MUSIC IT IS MY PASSION, luv katie


ok all my reverb fans...... looking to make the top 20 in a video contest......www.arkmusicfactory.com click on contest banner type my name KATIE AKIN VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! thx, kk

its Saturday night in the Big ATL!!!!

I have a "double header" tonite WHOOP WHOOP, first my recital at JFBC in Marietta where I am playing my guitar and singing an original song I wrote, than for a quick change & headed to Apache Cafe where I have been selected for a talent showcase sponsored by Next1Entertainment we I will be singing some more of my original songs!!!! AWESOME, SO EXCITED, JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!

Fox Radio/XM Radio/Armed Forces Radio Interview

Interview is all set with J.T. @ Fox Radio, Monday July 18th 1045pm est... this is SO EXCITING!!! 255 stations + satellite + Armed Forces channels WHOOP WHOOP!! listen in if you can, LUV MY FANS!!


Looks like my promo team may have landed an interview on Fox Radio/ XM Radio, this is so exciting.... will keep everyone updated..kk