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Music on The Mentalist

I am happy to announce that music I have made in collaboration with Stefan " Big Swede " Svensson has been placed in CBS' TV series The Mentalist.

we have been working on some material and it is a pleasure to get this kind of payback.

Check this out :

Our EP project:

" Big Swede meets Haakon Graf " - Our track "Lower Manhattan Junction" was just featured on the CBS show "The Mentalist" (Sundays 10/9c) - What a great show and I'm thankful for being on there for the first time! - The episode is called "White Lines" (Ep.11 Season 6) - You can stream the track on Spotify and it is also available on Itunes and all other stores on the web - The track is part of our EP named "Big Swede Meets Haakon Graf - There Is Still Time". #TheMentalist #CBS #BigSwede #BigSwedeStudios #HaakonGraf





December 2013

Friends & Family

Thought I'd drop a greeting and some info on you.

Looking back on 2013 for me is life in a nushell. Brutal, .. people come and some go.

My younger brother Rolf passed away after struggling with braincancer for 2 years..only 53 years old. I got to spend some time with him this summer, it was overwhelming and beautiful at the same time.

We don't have a clue what's behind the next corner, each day is a new day. We need to keep it clean and stay in tune.

I'm grateful for being able to perform and collaborate with some talented and giving people. Still, there are a few of You that I have unstarted / unfinished work with.. Let's do it :)

so, .more practical issues :

I'm off to Norway again..this time from December 10 to January 8. Looking forward to see what's rest of my family, and perform some.

My Brazil tour with the cultural exchange program between Concerts Norway and Brazil, was moved into 2014. I will keep you posted. Very exciting indeed. My friend and bassplayer Arthur Maia is part of the cultur administration in Rio De Janeiro, and have a finger in the doing of this project.

Gene " PooPoo Man " Anderson from P Funk has invited me to join his Big China Tour as well. In addition to writing new material, scheduling performances with Grafitti and my norwegian trio it looks like 2014 can be interesting.

My cuban friend and drummer extraordinare : Calixto Oviedo wants to involve me in a video he's about to do. Sounds like fun :) I have a flare for drums / percusison as many of You know..so my last encounter with a huge talent is Ike Whiley, who posted a video of himself playing to a drumless version of " Do You Think It's True ? " Dennis Chambers told me about him a while ago, but I never had a chance to hear him. What a trip hearing him do that track :)

I've been invilved in a very interesting production project with my student and friend Mel Elias, who has been in the driverseat of the CoffeBean & TeaLeaf company for a few years. His songwriting resulted in a project we're about to finish, ..still need a kick butt female vocalist for a song, plus some touch ups on the production. Mel has just bought a top notch studio featuring a 4 bedroom house in Burbank. Anyone need a recording facility in Los Angeles, contact me. we'll post a tech rider with photos soon.

Until Next Time .. Stay creative and Be well

Best Regards


Haakon Graf Update may 2013

Hello Friends & Family

Hope all is well in Your world.

Life is fragile, Oklahoma's tragedy is shaking us all. Making music that can be of comfort & meaning for people who have been struck by tragedy is a small, but somewhat important thing we as music makers and performing artists can provide.

I hope to see some of you, located around LA and So Cal, at Catalina Jazzclub friday june 14 and saturday june 15. I'm performing with GRAFITTI, most of you already know the lineup : in addition to myself keys, you'll hear UNam guitar, Gary Grainger bass and Dennis Chambers drums.

Grafitti also performs at The Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, june 22.

June 24th is my departure date for Norway. Meeting family and friends over there is always inspiring and fun. My shows in Norway will be at: Olsen Bar, Oslo friday june 28 Buddy Scene, Drammen saturday june 29 Cafe Magenta Fredrikstad, wednesday july 3 a special duo show with vocalist Tracee Lewis Meyn Cafe Magenta Fredrikstad friday july 5 Gule Galleri. Stavern saturday july 6

I'm bringing my eminent bassplayer Per Mathisen, and super talented drummer Erik Smith.

I'm finishing up a inspiring production for songwriter / pianist Mel Elias. Some of the players are : Airto Moreira percussion, Diana Booker, vocals, Munyungo Jackson percussion, Tony Moore, drums, Rob McDonald bass & vocals, Sheldon Reynolds vocals and guitar, Wally Reyes Jr, percussion. Val " Zoo " Moizelle, vocals. Stay tuned, I think many of you will enjoy it :)

Thanks for support and interest in my humble activities.

- Sincerely

Haakon Graf


Friends & Family

Wishing You a Great New Year.

Just landed in LA yesterday after 3 weeks in Norway. Despite the flu terrorizing the area, including me, we played some great concerts. Per Mathisen bass and Erik Smith drums are top notch musicians and made it worth while.

The 2013 NAMM Show is just around the corner. I know I'll see some of you there.

As of right now, I'm recovering from a inconvenient cold.

- See y'all soon :)


Grafitti Live medley from CA january 2012

Grafitti has its own Reverbnation page now:

Haakon Graf keybs U-NAM EA Guitar Gary Grainger bass Dennis Chambers drums

Medley 2


Medley 1

http://soundcloud.com/haakon-graf-music/grafitti-live-medley-no-1 http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_photos/artist_2063479#bio

Check out this medley of clips from Grafitti`s California Tour january 2012