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Go up I-45 N and you will run into OT. A neighborhood on the outskirts of the city filled wit ball players or crackseller. Turn onto the 2700 block of Branch rd or what we call B Block and there resides Kelvin Rashad Mitchell. His pops was a hustla and his mom was the same which made K Mitch a son of the streets. In his hood its either you hustle or you hoop, kelvin chose the basketball route and decided to let the rock get him out the hood. In 6th grade he started rhyming influenced by the down souf version of freestyles "Mann!!" As he expanded his range of music he became intrigued by eastcoast music and artist such as Jay-Z, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, Fabolous, Cassidy and many others and he decide to form his style by using east coast lingo wit a southern twist. While in high school K Mitch widen his vocabulary and became known for his punchlines and vivid stories in his songs. 3 years on varsity at Spring High School led him to the Air Force Academy Prep where he was on a full scholarship. After the basketball season he left because that kind of lifestyle wasnt him. Which led him to Denver University on a scholarship and utimately hooking up wit AP and Wazdown Records. Through his many trials and tribulations wit his parents in and outta jail, hustling, and living with his grandmother you can hear the pain and emotion in his lyrics and the substance he brings with each and every verse. With 9 years of rhyming under his belt he feels he has what it takes now to take it to the top of the game and become a success in the rap industry.