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Les Figurines s "Buzzing Dude"' s Lyrics.

Buzzing Dude by Les Figurines - Buzzing Dude -

Oh drifting away for a day or two... Release the distance ...Delivering you... Did you ever meet anyone who had a clue? Did you ever meet anyone as heavy as you? Well I never had the chance ...Maybe with you. I guess it's obvious to tell you the Truth I know they're shit, they're cunts but what do you want me to do ? We'll manage to dictate...Dictating the Truth!

I think they suck! I think you suck!... I think it's obvious!

Oh slipping away for a day or two If the rabbit was white yellow was you! Am I booked in your life? Did you book it for two? I'll get you in a suck if I want...By hoock or by crook! Oh sidekick Dragon...Chasing the view Nice addiction subtance abuse Sudden crisis felt after a movie or two Equal to your absence.Depressed in the avenue!

I think they suck! I think you suck!

Music Les Figurines . Words :Steevo. 2005-2009 Set and Setting Records-All rights reserved.