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Keeping our tunes deep within the thoughts and minds of all!

Hey BLE fans! I'm really sorry it's been so damn long since we've posted anything on here. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in on one social media site that we forget to hit all the avenues! First and foremost, we've had lots of changes since the last update on here. We had a drummer named Brandon Baxley that joined for a period and has since moved on. At this point our line up is this: Jared - Vocals Matt Benefiel - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals Paul Hickman - Rhythm Guitar Justin Scherer - Drums Jeff "Fej" Owens - Bass

Fej has been quite a surprising investment of our time. He's a first time bassist that really blossomed for us by the time he hit the stage during our last show late last year. We are currently working on about 5 different new songs to put out there for you people and also concurrently working on setting up more shows. Most importantly our first headline show will be coming sooner rather than later. So we hope to see as many of you as possible when we set them up. As always, nothing but love and respect goes out to our fanbase as you guys have really shown us quite a bit of support! We'll make sure to keep posting more frequently on here. We're on FB all the time! Catch you later people!!!

Are you ready?

It seems we might finally have our line up panned out. Practices have been going good and we have some new material. Shows are just around the corner. Thank you all for your support.

April 17th, 2012

So guys and gals out there. . . . We're pluggin away with our album. Our general plan is to let "J" get his surgery out of the way, write some songs, practice like tweekers, and get ready to hit the holy hell out of the local stages late summer hopefully. We think that we've got the drummer situation figured out, but will let you peeps know soon on that. Like any other band out there, changing of members and finding just the right bandmates is kinda the forte' in the beginnings. We've got a solid core group, just adding the finishing touches. We'll be hitting up some promoters within the next couple of months and getting the ball rolling on show dates soon enough. So, keep you're eyes peeled for those updates. . . Blacklight Eternity

Here's where we stand to date:

Hey guys and gals, Well, we've made some changes since all this got going. Our lineup started out with Brent(bass), Justin(lead guitar), Mike(rhythym guitar), and Josh(drums). A month or so later, J got into the mix as the vocalist and soon after Josh was released from the band. In early August, Armando was added on the drums and gave J a break in that position. Now, a little over a week ago, Mike was released from Blacklight Eternity as the rhythym guitarist and J took his place in that position as well as vocals. So, we're set in how we want to be and on the same page with how we want to sound. We're gonna give you guys some heavy sounds and some lighter sounds, and some sounds in between. We're gonna keep a solid mix of sounds so everyone can get drawn into the Blacklight Eternity. . . more to come. . . J