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Its not about a guys racial ethnicity and ITS DEFF NOT THE SEX that makes a man take notice and treat his women right, its the way he treats his mother , the way he doesn't want his sister treated,the way he wants his daughter treated, the way he see's his friends mistreat there girls, call a women out her name , eye down and thirstily look at a girls body, the ability to have several other girls but yet choose and be faithful to one no matter how she may act, no matter what she may do , not changing they way he treats a girl because his past girls treated him bad, its the mind set of a man who doesn't call himself a man but yet has everyone call him that because he has a good head on his shoulders, he's not looking for another relationship , he's looking for his future, and if he hasn't notice that his future could be infront of him , then he got alot to learn before he himself knows his future, when you can gather that all up into one equation you will then have someone who knows love and dedication , you live and let go because once you let go- you live -Marky Jay


just hitt'in freestyle be working on sum real stuff soon and some remakes