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Looking into the future

Right about now a lot of folks are recaping 2013 by sharing the highlights all over social media and all that good stuff. Truth be told 2K13 was a good year for me as well, you can peep the highlights over on my Instagram and Facebook page if ya like….or not, it's cool bruh…..Anyways

Now that we got that out of the way i would like to touch on what i have been doing currently. As of late i have been brainstorming my next Skratchtape release. I have decided to title the project "The Rebirth". This time around i will feature more original production along with new battle routines and performance pieces. With The Rebirth I'm exploring a more electronic and experimental sound by utilizing my current rig featuring Traktor Scratch pro, Maschine, the Midi Fighter 3D and much more. In short The Rebirth is exactly what it sounds like. It's takes listeners along my journey where I make the transformation from being what some would consider a topical DJ into a performance based Artist. After the project is all said and done i plan on rocking one hell of an album release party out here in my local town of Sacramento and then taking the album on tour.

Besides the Rebirth i have also been taking on more traditional DJ type gigs. Currently I'm regularly rockin a local spot in Sacramento twice a month with my fellow Sleeprocker DJ Rated-R. Now for those of you who know me and are familiar with my bullshit on Facebook then you already know that i'm anti club and shit like that. I dunno maybe i'm stubborn and stuck in my ways but there is something about being told what to play and how to play it that rubs me the wrong way. Now lucky for me i have found some spots around the 916 that don't play that bullshit and are who are down with the Sleeprocker sound. So you can now catch me wreckin on the decks more often then not….Oh Joy!

Now that i touched on what i have been doing let me take a moment and fill ya in on what i got on my plate for 2014. As you may already know I write for Thudrumble, you can always catch my reviews and bullshit stories right on the front page of the site. in 2014 i plan on getting more serious about my blog work with Thud by posting more regularly, writing a lot more reviews and bringing you more of that over the top wild style that you would expect from ya big buddy Noc. On top of my work with Thud i plan on posting way more content online, You can look forward too exclusive Mixtapes, tracks and beats posted throughout the year on my Soundcloud, Mixcrate and Bandcamp pages. I also plan on dedicating time to my podcast/radio show Turntable Theater, That involves me reconnecting with the True Defenders Of Hip-hop, Huskey Radio so be ready for that real shit to hit the waves real soon.

I had a lot of dope moments in 2013. I traveled to a lot of dope cities, had some pretty fresh Skratch sessions and i def laid down a lot of ground work for the future. Looking forward, 2014 is all about growth, dedications and discipline. With that said i plan on taking my art to new heights and breaking new ground so be sure to keep an eye out on my social media and personal website www.TwiddleDope.com

Now stop reading this and go make a Sandwich already!!

Help us Sleeprock the 2011 Sacramento Music Awards (SAMMIES)!!

The Sleeprockers are nominated for the 2011 Sacramento Music Awards (SAMMIES) Under Best Hiphop/Rap!!!

We are all very honored and excited to be Recognized and nominated for the sammie this year. It's to very humbling to be nominated among so many great Artist and groups. This nomination fuel's our drive to take our unique sound and style to the masses, Sleeprocking all the way!!.

Voting for the final winners begins today, August 25, and ends on September 21 at www.sammies.com. Twentieth anniversary Sacramento Area Music Award winners will be announced at SN&R’s annual Sammies Block Party and Music Awards festival on Saturday, October 1, from 5 to 10 p.m. on 20th Street in front of the MARRS building in Midtown. The party is free. More details on that next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to vote!

SIde Note: Our Extended Family are also up for Sammies this year.

HipHop/Rap - Live Manikins, Sleeprockers

Emcee - Self, Mr. P Chill, Random Abiladeze

DeeJay - DJ Rated R

TurnTablist - Rated-R, Nocturnal, Mr.Vibe, DJ Wanted, Kwes the bess, Kodac Visualz and Moke Colossal.

ArtistOfTheYear - Random Abiladeze

Thanks, Dj Rated-R, Nocturnal, Mr.Vibe, Kwes the bess and Wanted.

For all you Skratch heads, you can download the Official DOC JEEZY X SLEEPROCKERS LOOPER NOW, follow the link. http://tablist.net/looper/sleep-rockers-looper

Stay up to date with the Sleeprockers on the web.: www.Sleeprockers.com www.Reverbnation.com/Sleeprockers www.Mixcrate.com/Sleeprockers


DJ WANTED (Sleeprockers) already took 1st place at the 2011 DMC West Coast Finals and now he is currently in the runnings for the DMC ONLINE BATTLE (Round 9).

Show your support and Head over to www.dmcdjonline.com and VOTE for DJ Wanted. There are ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!!!

Better yet follow this link and it will take you directly where you need to go----- http://www.dmcdjonline.com/watch-dj.php?vid=MzIy

Bio: Dj Wanted (Sleeprocker Crew) from Japan repping Sacramento. been Spinning Wax and battling for about six years. Currently The 2011 DMC west coast champion.

It`s gonna be reality If you never give up your dream. A lot of effort makes a talent. - Dj Wanted

Shout out to: Sleeprockers, Live Manikins, ARG Wicked Audio, RANE, The Sol Collective, UnitedState Slice of Broadway and all of the Sacramento Homies!.

California under Frustration (The Cuf done Paid Dues

Today the lineup for the 2011 Paid Dues Festival was announced and although the current lineup is amazing i have to say that I'm a bit upset that yet again Sacramento underground legends (The Cuf) has not made it on the bill. Now if your a Cuf head like myself then you already know why this is such an issue and how over due this really is, but for the rest of you please allow me to break it down.

Back in the "Golden era" of underground hip-hop their were 3 big crews breaking ground and raising the bar, those crews were, Hieroglyphics, Living legends and The Cuf. all 3 crews were powerhouses in the scene and pretty much showed us all how this Underground Hip-hop shit was done. for my self i found inspiration from all 3 but naturally i connected with The Cuf, it's always nice to support the home team right!?!?. throughout the years The Cuf had teamed up with the Living Legends on a number of shows, projects, tracks & Albums and continues to do so till this very day.

The Cuf them self has dropped multiple classic Tracks and albums, performed with many artist and expanded it's creative sound in the form of Deep Friend Funk Brothers and a few solo Albums to match. on top of that they were recently inducted into the SN&R Sammie Hall of Fame. I think that it's safe to say The Cuf has more than Paid their Dues and deserve to perform at the 2011 Festival. with their history and experience you think they would be a shoe-in but then again business is business i guess.

As a Turntablist and Hip-hop Junkie, i am always looking for ways to keep my culture and local scene alive. so out of my personal love for my city and culture I have decided to take the matter of getting The Cuf on Paid Dues in my own hands by creating an campaign that urges Fans and Underground heads alike to Join the fight and demand that The Cuf be added to the 2011 lineup. You can Join the "CUFarmy" and spread the word over at http://www.facebook.com/pages/California-under-Frustration-The-Cuf-done-Paid-Dues/166162470085569?v=wall

Let's show em what this Underground Funk is all about!!

Two in the Shirt

TITS aka Two In The Shirt is a company with a focus on bringing tastefully provocative clothing to the forefront of fashion. The name 'Two In the Shirt' is derived from the acronym T.I.T.S., which is quite fitting considering the nature of the clothing itself.

TITS merchandise consists of Men's and Women's apparel printed with original designs. Each design showcases classy prints of nude or nearly nude women. "Like a training bra, support T.I.T.S."