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3 Years Later...

Wow, no new blog for almost three years, eh? Well fuck it, here goes nothing. Since 2011 we've hit the road a couple times, celebrated five years of drunken debauchery, completed a split with The Rackatees from Lawrence KS, and haven't stopped to catch a breath yet. We've got tons of shows lined up for the summer, finishing it off with a southwest tour to welcome in the Fall. To top all that off, we're in the writing process for our next project. Our fourth full length? Another split? An EP? We don't even know yet. Maybe we'll just wait until we have about 30 songs to sit on, and double LP it up... Whatever happens, we'll keep you posted. We'll at least try to, anyway. I mean, it has been three years since we've updated the dozens of fans that eagerly await Shiddy News...


Well all has been well. We accomplished what we wanted to. Went to a few new places, met some cool fuckin' people and bands. Busy summer that is coming to an end. Keep your eye out we will be playing a few shows coming this fall and winter but for the most part we are going to concentrate on practicing new songs for the new record. If all goes well we will be down in the ATL recording with Joe Queer @ Monster Zero. Support the bands, support your scene, 'nuff said. Check out all these great bands we played with: Voice of Addiction, Bent Left, Dun Bin Had, The Right Here, Blooddrunk Shenanigans, Them Damned Young Livers, Fall Down Drunks, Pour Habit, Farmdog, Cordial Spew, Eastern Turkish, Ties and everyone else I forgot, sorry. Thanks for all the hospitality and good times. Hope to meet up soon. - Blick Jagger

My first blog of all time...i am not shittin you!

So we are ready for a REAL busy month a head of us with shows out the ass. We are taking the short trip down to KC to meet up with our friends, The Uncouth. We will also be meeting up with ___ from Chicago who we play with again in August at The Hole. CD Release is coming up in the next week as well. I can't wait for that show. Not only to play and release our CD but to see the other bands! This is gonna be a good show! Well I guess that is it for now. Stay tuned for updates and info.

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