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SPAT was formed in 2006 by Haley (Hay) Mcafee (Faultline, Everything in C) and Ainz Reid. A couple of years earlier the pair had met at a 'Girls and Guitar' group run by Trash Music Projects in the small town of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. They instantly connected and in 2005 started jamming together and writing music. They bought a small 8-track, called it 'Patti', and started recording D.I.Y. demos in their living room. In the early days they played as Broken Dolls and Mallorie's Revenge before settling on Spat. a name suggested by original bassist Kevin Hanlon. Later in 2006 they successfully recruited Kev (Everything in C) and Donna Easton (Avanti, Psychotropic System) to join the band; played their first gig at Jedburgh's 'Kaleidoscope Festival' and for the next year played gigs and continued to write songs. After a while Kev and Donna moved off to work on other projects leaving Hay and Ainz to work on material as a two piece - Hay on guitar / vox, Ainz on drums / vox. They decided on a name change and called the band 'Shove' but a few months later decided to revert to Spat. They carried on recording demos and writing. For a short time, their good friend Dek Buist (Splinter) joined the band on drums. During the next year, Spat became a two piece again and carried on writing. As time passed members came and went but the band carried on and in 2012 Angie Mima joined on bass and Ryan Scott on drums making them a 4 piece once more. The band started playing more regular gigs, playing further afield from the Scottish Borders, getting to know people involved with the Underground Punk Scene and Riot Grrrl / Queer scene, and having a chance to play with lots of great bands. The band recorded their first E.P. 'Down and Outs' in the summer of 2013 at Red Eye Studios in Clydebank, engineered and mixed by the talented George Burton. Around the same time Spat signed to D.I.Y. label Razoredge records based in Glasgow run by Dek Buist. 'Down and Outs' received air play on a variety of radio stations from America to Japan, with strong support from friend and TD1 / North Highland Radio, DJ Donald Strachan. Not long after the E.P. was released Angie moved back to the States. Ainz and Hay asked long time friend Tazz Douglas (Avanti, Relentless) if he'd like to join on bass. They started jamming then Tazz invited his friend Cozzy (Relentless) along too with his trombone. In 2014 the band were on the look out for a reliable drummer so Tazz put Hay and Ainz in contact with his friend Robbie Anderson. From the first jam they all clicked straight away. They played more gigs last year with the current line up and now have gigs lined up for 2015. The band decided to record a full length album at the end of 2014 and were keen to have a go at releasing it themselves. They went to Soundwaves Pro Audio Studio based in Hawick, working with Soundwaves music man Scott Michell. The as yet untitled album is scheduled for release soon. Some Bands/Musicians we've played with so far are: XSLF Scragfight Splinter Ste McCabe The Zips Paranoid Visions The Zenith Complex The Dreggs The Snipes Candy Panic Attack KingsQueer Mayr Spread Eagle The Muff Wigs Knee Jerk Reaction Billy Liar The GutterSnipes Terminal Parade Liz Cronin Oneside Crime Desk Thee OverDose No Thrills Brother Corpse Trio The Static Subvision Vanilla Gloom Full Moon Freaks E.K Decay The Phlegm Jane Doe #13 Veronica is Boring The Dull Fudds The Skanx Dead Beat Heros The Fuck ups Dogs Abuse The Joe Mangels Champagne for Tramps Shanghai Killers Shockleader SPAT XXXX