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we got this

being in a band is a lot of work. its not just play shows, get drunk and get laid. Its endless nights of staying up late and contacting new fans. Its endless hours of practice. Its spending alot of money we don't have on things that might not help us. But its worth it when you do play that show and everyone you know shows up, people that came to see the other bands are all of a sudden crowding the stage in front of you and the neatest thing is when someone in the crowd asks you where your tour is headed next only to respond "we are just local" and they are blown away that local bands can be just as awesome as touring bands. So go out see a local show, stay for all the bands and even tell someone in one of the bands how much you liked a particular song. You don't have to lie and be over the top any kind of compliment means alot to a band who works their ass off to recieve a little bit of attention.-MoF

MoF coming at ya

we have been working hard and are due back in the studio in about two weeks. look for new music here in the next few weeks as we are going to work as fast as we can to get it out to you. there has been alot of good press going around and our fan base has been building and building. we have a slew of shows coming up soon so make sure you make it out to one if not all of them so we can show the bar owners how the MoF fans roll in numbers. thank you for all of your support and thanks to all the new MoF fans who have recently joined us.

Post Studio

Were a couple weeks out of the studio now, and starting to book up our summer with shows and festivals. We are still waiting on the songs to be mixed/mastered but from what we've heard its going to be amazing. Thanks again to Kyle - we'll definitely be back soon. Our newest show is with Smile Empty Soul in a couple of months, check the shows tab for more info. Keep your ears perked up for some more new tunes soon, and don't be afraid to share what you hear. Many thanks, MoF

Getting closer.

Well, we've been retouching all of our music in preparation for the studio. Tomorrow, we'll enter 7K Technology and Recording Studio in Iowa Falls and will not come out until the music is perfect or someone dies. Should be a good time. We will also be recording two brand new, never heard songs. We will post blog updates throughout the process to keep you all up to date on our progress and will release at least one new track hopefully on Sunday night. Later.

New Drummer and new material and recording updates.

Ok, as most of you already know, we found our new drummer. His name is Jared Albertson. Jared has played in several bands in the DSM and Minneaplolis areas such as Absolute Power and Cannot Justify. Jared is a perfect fit, both musically and personality wise and it has been a blast working with him. We are getting him broken in on the current MoF songs and have written a few new ones. MoF is set to hit the studio on February 25, 2012 to begin tracking a few songs. We will keep you all updated on the recording process with pictures and video. MoF will be hitting the live scene again in March, so check back for dates throughout the midwest.

Thanks, Mars on Fire.

Best Damn Band Contest and new drummer.

Mars on Fire has advanced to the semi-finals in the Bombay Bicycle Club's Best Damn Band contest on January 25, 2012. We are pitted against Calous, Come Unity and It's Complicated. Very stiff competition. Should be a fun time as all the bands are excellent musicians.

On another note, I believe we have found our new drummer and have several new songs in the works, very exciting. We will release his info so you can welcome him to the family shortly after the Best Damn Band contest. In the mean time, Joey Corigliano will be filling in for the contest. Big thanks to Joey.

Search for a new drummer.

As you all know, Joey left the band for personal reasons after the Slaughterhouse Roadshow. We have been searching for someone to fill the void. So far, we have been working with Josh Strothers for the time being and have started writing new material, but are still searching for the right fit to become a perminant member of the band. Peace.