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Summer Season in Myrtle Beach

Hi there everybody! Looking forward to doing some Marilyn Monroe impressions and all types of music for you this Summer in Myrtle Beach with the King Shazaam Tributes Show. Looks like it's shaping up to be a monthly or possibly bi-monthly gig at Whiskey Beach Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach! We had a great first night there and the clientele were asking for us back. On a personal note, I've been canvassing and phonebanking for Bernie Sanders and voted for him in the primary for my state. Bernie is an American hero, not just another politician, as far as I'm concerned. He's worked as hard or harder than anyone else in public service today, He means business when he says he is going to regulate the Big Banks and Wall Street so they can't collapse and take the economy with them, and he's going to put a small tax on high-volume trading so that every young person in the country who wants to go to college will be able to. He is also going to get more money into social security so seniors will be able to have food, medicine and heat. I'm so grateful Bernie is running, and hope that everyone can find out more about Bernie. Bernie is strong, strong, strong on trade issues and equal rights. Also, if you like to smoke from time to time, Bernie will make it easier for you to do so by decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. And if you want to quit, he'll make that easier, too. He truly has a heart of gold. A couple I know well is from Burlington, VT where Bernie started his life in public service as a Mayor, and they said he was an all around good guy who really listened to the people and did his best for them. http://www.berniesanders.com to find out more. http://www.headcount.com to find out if you're registered to vote and where---its super easy, just plug in a few different addresses where you think you might have registered, and they'll give you your polling place http://www.voteforbernie.com to find out about the primary and caucus dates and locations for your state. Please, please take a look! Bernie is NOT just another politician; He is actually honest, hard-working and doesn't take bribes. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. Bernie is honest and will tell it like it is. In the words of Senator Nina Turner, "Bernie has heart-soul agreement". In the words of professor Cornel West he is "for real" & "for right".. And Richard Reich economist will be happy to share with you why Bernie's financial plan is sound and will work for 99% of Americans. He has just been endorsed by Rep.Tulsi Gabbard, who even quit her high profile job as Vice Chair of the DNC so she could strongly endorse Bernie Sanders as a Commander-in-Chief with foresight who will be able to tell when it is best to stay home and refrain from intervening and when national security truly is at stake. She is an army major with two tours of duty under her belt, so she has seen first hand the costs of war, and wants us to refrain when possible.

King Shazaam Tributes Summer Gigs

I will be joining the King Shazaam Tributes for this Summer's shows. We will be performing regularly throughout the Summer at Springmaid Pier (Tuesday evening) and 2nd Avenue Pier (Sunday evenings). I have recently been working on some heavier stuff: Stevie Nix, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Bonnie Tyler as well as continuing on with Patsy Cline, Carole King, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin. I hope that my singing voice survives all the heavy stuff. I love doing it, but sometimes my throat is sore afterwards. I'm also working on learning Marilyn's songs more fully, especially "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy". I hope you can stop by and catch one of our shows. I know you will enjoy King Shazaam (Jeff Collins) as well. He does an incredible job with Johnny Cash and Elvis. We are even doing a few duets and trios with his wife Anne Collins. This is a family friendly show, and we welcome your contributions to the show. We are generally happy to pose for photos and videos, just please send us a link when you get the chance. Thank you!


I just returned from the the Artists in the Kitchen artfestival in NYC where I performed acapella songs and scat singing dressed as Marilyn Monroe. This Summer, I will be performing every Tuesday in June with The King Shazaam show at Springmaid Pier. We will also be performing Sundays at 2nd Avenue Pier starting in June and going through September. We are talking to the owner at Willoughby's near Leland and may also perform for the REc, Department at Southport again as part of their Summer Concert series. Wish us luck, and if you want to see me as Marilyn Monroe, try to make one of our gigs. I've added Joan Jett to the repertoire and am now performing as Joan Jett, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitsgerald, and Carole King. Thanks for listening!

Studio Singer/ Rap vocalist "Estelle"

I just recorded the chorus of "Godspeed" for "Big Art" Artur Ansonov, a Wilmington area rapper with a slight Russian accent. Artur is also a local visual artist pioneering the genre of "psychedelic extremism". Artur has a miniature six track recorder which made it so easy to record the tracks, which are laid out virtually unedited. None of the notes are pitched, and both versions of the chorus were recorded live with no notes punched in. Artur creates most of his own beats. If you're curious to hear the piece I'm featured on, check out "Godspeed" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khHrbWyKOt4 . Thanks! We'd be honored to have your "views"---actually "listens". And let the beat go on!

Marilyn Monroe Gigs

I am now performing as Marilyn Monroe doing Meet and Greets, Parties, and also still singing jazz and Broadway. I have now performed as Marilyn at the NMB St. Patty's Day Parade, Myrtle Beach Mall Christmas Show, an Airforce Base Reunion and a Bar Mitzvah and at an outdoor Summer Concert series and at several Elvis Fan Club meetings. At my latest gig, I was in a cast for my broken arm and still enjoyed myself!

New Year's Eve

Played a gig with the King Shazaam Elvis and Variety Show at a hotel in downtown Myrtle Beach. Tickets were $25 each, and included entertainment, heavy hors d'ouevres and champagne toast. A nice surprise, when we set up we were given a hotel room to dress in, and it ended up being complementary for the rest of the night. Jeff and Ann went home, and I ended up with the whole suite! Also, on the positive side, I got a request to sing "Bobby McGhee" after doing "Piece of My Heart" and "Bobby McGhee" turned out really well! I think most everyone had a good time, and got into the show. Several groups stayed behind afterwards to socialize, and get to know us and each other better, It was a succee!

New Jazz Trio

I started singing with a couple of jazz musicians, William Gerald (on keys) and Doug Trammel (on bass). I'm learning a lot more about jazz and really improving, I hope. We played a house party in Gerogetown and had a really wonderful reception. One of the regulars told the host that we were one of the best he'd seen at the house. (They have a house party every month with different musicians and styles of music).

Charleston Trip

Just got back from Charleston. My friend Leslie and I took a trip to visit her friends there. Although she left her guitar behind to prevent wapring, we sang a few songs together during the trip including "You were Always on My mind" and "Dona, Dona." Our friends were happy to listen! Unfortunately, the AC broke before the trip, and then a coolant leak on the way back caused the car to overheat. Silly me, I didn't check the guages, and I may have burned up the motor. Likely the engine will need to be replaced for $1200! Yikes!

Shane Prewitt Band at the Purple Onion

Terry and I were in a little town near Asheville this weekend, visiting the old Fortune Cemetary, where I made a few new flower essences.We came out of the woods in time to take a look around the town. Much to our good luck, we stopped by the Purple Onion and heard the Shane Prewitt band, featuring a former organist from xyz band. Shane was as much fun to watch as he was to listen to, as he was constantly making unusual facila expressions. Terry classifed the music as blues/jam. I loved it! We both loved the atmosphere of the Purple Onion cafe, and I enjoyed the delicious raspberry tart! So much fun to be in Asheville and to hear live music! Tonite I'm performing at Lulu's Cafe in downtown Myrtle Beach (mostly secular show). Upcopming, I will be performing for Rev. Gause's Church in Myrtle Beach (Gospel). Looking forward to both shows.

Upcoming Performance

I will be performing at the Meher Spiritual Center this first Tuesday of July in 2 days at Meher Spiritaul Center in Myrtle Beach, across from Myrtle Beach (former Colonial Mall). Terry will be playing a few songs with me, and I'll do the rest with backing tracks. Call ahead for a free tour of the Center, and then you're welcome to come and enjoy any of the free events including Tuesday's performance!