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We update here sometimes, but it's been awhile... you're more likely to get news elsewhere... just so you know...

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If you're a web radio streamer, grab Tattermask on your iHeart radio account and, if you love us, please help us get noticed by making a station out of us 'cause we're already there!

Pandora dissed our music, so if you really want to hear us on your Pandora station, TELL THEM: http://help.pandora.com/customer/portal/emails/new?t=12416&email[subject]=Suggest%20Music&email[body]=Artist%20Name:%0d%0dAlbum%20or%20Track:%0d%0dBrief%20notes:

Thank you guys SO MUCH for listening and paying attention to us.

We have a short BAND BIO:

Hailing from the suburbs of Charlotte, NC, tattermask mixes melodic vocal lines, rhythmically powerful drums, explosive bass, and searing guitar work to create music that is powerful, energetic, emotional, rhythmic, and intense. With their creativity inspired by acts from Boston to Soilwork to Sarah MacLachlan, tattermask’s sound is fresh and entrances all listeners within its reach, leaving them speechless and wanting more.