When I'm gone my hustle is gone vol.2

I'm finna drop when i'm gone my hustle is gone vol.2 my new 8 track mix tape feat. low key and clutch this is the second part to my first mix tape when im gone my hustle is gone vol.1 the reason its only 8 tracks is because it cost me 180 dollars to record it it will cost you nothing to download this mix tape will be availiable sometime this week or early next week so look out for it its fire!!!!!!!

Buzzzy ass September!!!!!!

That mix cd gonna be availiable before september, due to me getting em ready for promotions. I got shows Sept. 10th in WI, Sept. 24th in Orlando, and Sept. 30th in Minnesota. When I'm gone my hustle is gone vol.1 will be availiable for the streets Aug 30th!!!!!! Download this for free when availiable online everywhere! THANKS A MILLION EVERYBODY!! JTHERAPPER

Almost done with my mixtape when i'm gone my hustle is gone vol.1

Preparing for the wisconsin show, i'm truly pumped!!!! Almost done with when i'm gone my hustle is gone vol.1 so get that for free when it drops everywhere online!!! I just want to give a updated thanks to all the fans the support is appreciated!!!


Ill have footage up soon

Ill have footage of my latest show up soon

The show still went on!

I think the show went pretty good considering all of the technical difficulties


All ready for the show tonight oooooohhhhhhhgggggeeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!

Music keeps me sane!

Music and weed, if I was without one or the other I would be in a nut house or jail!! I love you guys!!!!

Double digits

I'm finally in the double digit rankings, this here is an adrenaline rush! I'm so amped right now I feel like doing 20 tracks straight!!!!!! Everybody know that the competition is tough in chicago, as well as everything else so to be where I am now is a blessing. Tell reverbnation to get ready to sponsor your boy because it's on and cracking!! Everybody upstairs from me here I come, rt. after this smoke break!!!!!!!!!!

J1 Sauce

I just uploaded my album J1 Sauce, you can buy that in my reverbnation store! I encourage everyone to stop by and cop that!! Thanks a million!!!!!!!!


I won't stop!

I'm working on my mixcd WHEN IM GONE MY HUSTLE GONE VOL 1. as we speak. I'm not checking in because im already in long nights and promising days! Thanks to all the support that's been giving thus far, This is what drives me Thankyou everybody!!!!