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95 Web Series

Check out 95 Web Series on youtube. Episodes 1-5 is available now. Episode 6 is on the way. Virginia Beach's own Ave The Don is co starring in one of the hottest web series out now. Support the #95takeover and tune in to 95 Web Series.

Concert Tickets

If you need tickets for the Day after 4/20 concert you can get them here www.aftonshows.com/virginiagrindfamily show is April 21, 2013 come and support the movementpeace

New Song Alpha & Omega Drops Tonight

Alpha & Omega will be dropping tonight on www.virginiagrindfamily.com and I will post it on here at a later time tonight stay tuned. Thanks for the support.

Jan. 26th ShowTime

The time that is posted for the Jan.26th show at The Lounge is a typo. The correct time is 4pm and the show ends at 7pm. Apologies for the misprint showtime is 4pm to 7pm staurday Jan.26th come out and aee me and my team VGF and other artists turn up the session peace.

Coming Soon

whats good everyone just updating you on my musical journey. I'm working on new material that will be posted soon for all to download and share. Thanks for sll the support you are the force that inspire me to do what I love best. My E.P. will be coming soon Thurrapy Vol.1 still available on datpiff.com. Thanks for all the support and stay positive peace.

Watch Out

Recently I had to change the password to my twitter account because someone hacked my account and tweeted something I didn't even write. so everyone change your password from time to time so you wont get caught out there peace.

Its Here

Thurrapy Vol.1 is done www.datpiff.com/profile/ave757don76 is the direct linbk for download/listen

Thurrappy Vol.1

Thurrappy Vol.1 will drop in December I will keep yall posted

Love Is Love

Whats good everybody my name is Ave The Don reppin Va. Beach, Va. This is just me showng my appreciation to yall for listening to my music. This is what drives me to do what I love. To my fans, fellow musicians that create this is how I show my love drop by anytime and lets chop it up peace