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New Joint


Caponiac in the buildin!!

Big Souts and welcome to the O.G. Caponiac! Newest member of U.S.C.! Checkout the new song on soundcloud by my geez Self Government titled "Turnt Up" Feat. U.S.C. and Lil Banless

Strongarm Ent.

Big Shouts to the Strongarm Family..if ya aint heard checkit out!!!!!

Parker is the Man!!!!

Big Shout Out to the homie Parker!!! Ill be back at ya soon on some real...for some real!!!

Still @ work on some new projects...

Got some body moverz headed your way soon...this ain't no stolen soundclick beat or mixtape tracks here son..only on the freebee...actual and factual songs...with original intrumentalz is what we're serving up! Big Shout to the homie Cessnutt..the newest member to our new coming soon group " Underground Street Kingz "

New jointz in route

Hot Ish...Ft. Cessnutt, Phaze 1, and RumDiddy..coming soon yall