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"My 1st Performance"

The first time I ever performed at a venue was a few years back in San Jose, CA. It was at 358 cultural Lounge. When Rick Lee & Carmel where DJ'ing. My good friend Chynah Blaze said she had a spot to do two songs & let me take one. (aww luv ya sissy). It was funny cuz I only had the instrumental so when I got up there I did 2 verses & 2 hooks; thank god I didn’t run outta breath it actually turned out to be a cool performance. Soon as I was done alotta people in the crowd kept saying, "Damn girl that was good, did you write that yourself?" SMH of course I did, I write all my own stuff. I continued doing shows there to gain more experience on stage. One time I actually got to open up for Dru Down. Which is another funny story, cuz when I got there the guy throwing the party said I couldn’t perform & he don't know me. I was kinda upset, But then Dru got there & told dude I'm opening up for him..hahhahaha Soo Fn Pryceless Baby (Thanks Dru)