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Confrontation / Blog

twenty seven

the hammer and the nail, anxiety my cross to bear,losing everything that i once loved keep moving forward, wind blows in my face and i swear to god it rains for me, while ill never see the day, hold your breath its almost over, and i wonder how ill be remembered, everyone tries , everyone dies but who will leave the biggest mark? waking up again beg for mercy at snow white cellings, routine has its way I'm boarding up and shutting down,and curse these boring days, turn the hours into a cancer, its time to fade away, in the someday whats that sound? and id rather be dead than cool, and id rather be dead for you (verse 1 repeat) and you take that from me on bright sides it rains for me, in the dirt these boring days x2 and i wonder how how ill be remembered.. everyone dies

titticut follies

the pain i suffer from day to day, is enough drive a lunatic sane, living in morgues living in graveyards, everything all ready passed away (can't take it back the damage is done can't take it back I'm dead forever)walking deathbeds my shell is bare with nothing to lose and nothing to fear, the bottom of the bottle ends my night three white lines and the blood of christ (chorus) all i wanted was to grow up and be some kind of human, but I've turned into a monster and i can't process these feelings. brains rotting from the inside out i curse july i curse this life, separate my body from my soul tell my friends I've lost it all (chorus). dead forever

if i told you i was the devil ....

the rope of hatred is squeezing tighter around my neck, some days i forget to breathe, some days i breathe to forget, it almost seems impossible how disgusting man can get. tell me does jesus christ lay awake at night wondering what could have been, I've watched his dreams all die, seems like they're gone forever, your hero fell move along. hold onto the world in the palm of your hand and squeeze the life away let the blood drain down into the abyss into the bottomless pit, feel the relief feel the emptiness create a moment that no one will forget (chorus) you pray to saints but they mean nothing, but can you sin like me.


my sympathy for you is lying dead in its tracks, how the fuck did you think we were gonna react? the fakest fuck i know, the bottom of the barrel, pathetic dead end waste with the nerve to try and show your face.. i bet you think you're something (cesspools) look me in the eyes you are nothing, bet that you think you're something (cesspools) what goes around will come around in time, again you leach off you're friends your existence is sickening me don't ever bother expelling yourself your two faced you're better off dead. (chorus) (repeat v1)

american beauty

eat the life away from me, i am focused i am deciplined to detour from ordinary the lazy callused life of a human being, you just being you just been you just being...rotting on leather feeding the need the embarresd the ashamed the ones who could have been, alone and morbid wind pipe restricted, press that black button and make your fucking escape, and i have been there before and I'm never going back, I'm not here to take up space, press on vacate. and ill do what i have to do, to overcome to not be you.....you never create and always consume, your existence is void why don't i kill the rest of you. your daily routine is constantly wrong, you're the definition of the tired old boring song. and you skin bones to me, just skin and bones me.. destroy brick by brick, destroy brick by brick.. and ill do what have to do to move along and destroy you. we were better than this before, we've reached an all time low, its all down hill from here