Independent Parenting skills: By Julian Vomit

Discipline Getting your children to learn and Obey Parents or Guardians?A. You have to teach your Children well they are still becoming Independent Discipline should always be tought the correct way. To love & respect to assert our authority teaching responsibility the correct(way) understanding our children teaching our kids at a early age how to be respectful and responcible teaching them right from wrong understanding your children as they learn and grow!Being Dillagent teaching your children the correct way teaching them that you are in charge as a Parent! We must teach our children right from wrong to try and to remain alert to build nurture family bonds. Remain calm in spite to help organize your childs thoughts and feelings to correct them as frequenly as posible. Praise good behavior as often as Posible understanding and teaching them well they are young being in charge as a parent being dillagent teaching them that you are the authority as parents we are responsible for our childrens discipline !

Independent Parenting skills: By Julian Vomit

Abuse It/Lose It Principle Teach Your Children to be Responsible, and Accountable. Being A Positive Role Model Around Your Children! Be Careful When Scolding Your Children Teach Them Give Your Child Two Positive Alternatives While Misbehaving Or Inappropriate Behavior Occurs: Setting A Example About Being Happy Or Mad It Will Help You To Take A Break To Help Your Children Understand Right And Wrong Stop And Take A Break Before You Discipline Your Childs Behavior Being In The Correct State Mind When Scolding Your Children! Teaching Them The Right Choices How To Make A Good Decision And Teaching Them How To Stay Away From Bad Decisions! Being A Positive Mentor Well Teaching Your Children The Right Choices Be Careful When Showing Your Child How To Behave (YourWords) Watch What You Say To Your Children. Never Embarrass A Child In Front Of Others. Always Move To A Private Place To Talk When There Is A Problem.Remind Your Child That He Is Special And Loved. Teaching Your Children You Are In Charge As A Parent.

Independent Parenting skills: By Julian Vomit

How I Can Improve My Parenting Skills? Ensure A Positive Relationship Between You and Your Child. Be Shure To Hold Your Child With Comfort Share Smiles And Hugs On A Daily Basis Being Patient and Being Wise, Watching What You Say Can Effect You. Limit What You Say To Your Child,Dont Put Yourself In A Bind. Learning How To Plan In Advance For You And Your Child's Future. With Honesty And Openness,You Can Create A Good Relationship Of Mutual Trust Love And Respect That Will Prevent Unsafe Habits Or Risk For Your Child! The True Expert Is You The Parent Support Your Child's Intrest and Talents Spend Time Alone With Each Of Your Children Every Day. Parents Must Remain Alert And Engaged Most Of All A Child Needs His Parent's Support Showing Him That A Person Can Remain Calm In Spite Of A Painful Or Frustrating Expierience. To Keep Our Children On A Good Path To Praise And Reinforce Their Good Behavior. To Correct And Discipline As Frequently As Possible. Teaching Your Child to Be A Contributing Member Of Society.

Independent Parenting skills: By Julian Vomit

Staying On Top Of Your Child's Safety. Keeping Them Safe! Small Children & Teens Notice & React To Stress In Their Family& Also Expierence Their Own Stress Stress In Small Children &Teens It Is Important To Recognize Stress In Children &Teens To Help Them With Healthy Coping Stratagies. The Strategies They Learn Often Stay With Them Into Adulthood. every age level is different: Never Give Up On Your Children Correct The Abuse Before It Happens. Being Smart Decisions Are Important! In A Everyday Situation You Have To Be Confident. Materiallistic Desires ItDoesnt Create Happiness Haveing Confedence In Yourself As A Parent Knowing At All Times That Iam A Winner. Being Positive Being Confident As A Parent Is Important Being Happy Is A Good Thing Stayin Happy And Keep Striveing For Your Child's Future Feelings Of Personal and Professional Ambiguity Show Care,Warmth,& love Hug Your Child Often. Be Supportive & Praise Your Child Always Acknoledge Your Child's Feelings It Is A Lifelong Process...

Independent parenting skills by Julian Vomit

Two: Steps Of Anger To Watch Out For, 1. It Is The Most Important Watch Out For The Boiling Point! 2.Calm Down And Talk To Someone Before You Over Heat! Like A Thermastat Dont Let It Get Out Of Control Now Here Is The Point About The Thermo Part Never Allow Your Anger To Explode. Never Take Your Frustration Out On A Child Or A Loved One! Kids React To Your Anger Do Not Trigger Off Angry Emotions Building Strength And Courage Being Positive For Your Children If Your Thermostat Blows Up It Shuts Off The Heater. It Creates Confusion For Your Children Do Not Put Your Anger On The Back Burner Everyday Is Important About The Decisions You Make. Always Keeping Calm Always Staying At A Even Temprature is Important Watching How You Direct Your Words To Your Children Concentrating On Not Letting Your Feelings Get Eratic Forgiveing Your Past You Must Not Show Signs Of Amger Dont Be Mad Over Spilled Milk! Forget About Hate Anger Frustration Reconize Your Pain Before You Over heat. Unhealthy To Over Vent!

Aea Zine Review June 26, 2011

Black Lung is a satanic punk/metal band hailing from Denver. Forming back in 1989, they released their debut recording Bleed The Greed via CoreOsive Records in 1992. I’m unfamiliar with the material on this demo but the band describes it on Facebook as “powerful filth-style drunk core punk.” I grew up listening to bands that projected this kind of energy on their albums, so such a description places me into the mind set to appreciate their current release, Light Of Lucifer. Light Of Lucifer was released on April 1 and is available on several internet outlets including Reverbnation and Tunecore. Hearing what this CD has to offer I picked up an old school vibe, sort of like old Discharge, sort of like certain NYC punk bands I saw at CBGB, Coney Island High and sometimes at shows I attended at Tompkins Square Park. What makes this band unique next to the usual punk fare is their use of samples in their cuts. These carry the album into territory more likened to an occult/horror movie, that can’t readily be compared to other bands in the punk and metal scenes. These samples reminded me of Coffin Joe film classics At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul and This Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse, as did many of the overlapping vocal tracks. With vibes reminiscent of 90s death metal, this is a recording you’ll be into checking out if you have similar tastes. -Aea Zine

Transylvanian Forest Zine Review June 26, 2011

Black Lung offers something that most black metal /satan influenced bands have not offered before, and thats a blend of punk and hardcore to the freaking bone. Chilling with the bros, and causing havoc in the pit with a big chip on your shoulder. This band kills, and its Julian Vomits business to kill each and every one in the audience in the right way. I got that quote from Phil Anselmo haha but other then that the music flows well, very well paced, pulverizing, and never exhaustive, just a all balls out blood metal album filled with gore and guts enough to make GWAR piss in their pants.

I think each song is relentless, and brings out one determined message, and that is never back down, and stay true to the hardcore roots, but at the same time mix it up with a new flavor very well know by black metallers of yesterday. This combination is rather strange and odd to most listeners but the reception I read so far is the UK fanbase of Black Lung is ever growing, and this band is from Denver Colorado! They must be doing something right.

Julian Vomit is the mad man behind this madness, and kicks the band at such a high rate I wouldnt be surprised if he brought some people to their shows and they pass out from heat exhaustion, I been to quite a few punk/hardcore shows and deff know how intense the mother fucker can get, so watch the fuck out! If your a wuss, step back, this aint gunna be pretty.

The songs have simple names, short but lively tracks, they talk about death, punk, blood, misanthropy, and good old fashioned hails to satan. This band is also know really well in other side projects, and has become a unstoppable force in the underground today. Their album is featured on Satanica Productions, and I doubt you will see this band quitting any time either. Julian wouldnt know the word quit if it were the last thing he had to do. Keeping it sick, twisted, grotesque, but all at the same time, heavy as fuck. Keep a close eye on these guys, they will keep bringing it, and keep knocking you guys dead while standing on your own two feet. Hailz Satan!!!! lml -Danny