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Hellrazer back in the studio

Hellrazer have begun work on their fourth CD at Alchemy studios (Calgary). The CD will be entitled "Necropolis" and will be released in 2018.

Hellrazer Interview

Detailed new Hellrazer interview on Robex Lundgren's blog http://ghgumman.blogg.se/2014/october/interview-with-hellrazer.html

Hellrazer album avaialble in 240 countries

Please visit hellrazer.believeband.com to get additional news and purchase "Operation Overlord" worldwide!

Reverbnation charts

In early Jan. 2013 we reached the #4 chart position for metal artists in Canada, and had been at #1 in Calgary for about a year. Then RN changed the rules so that chart position is determined by a 30 day activity/equity score. We are not prepared to play that game and henceforth we shall ignore these charts as they are actually completely meaningless. We have better things to to than to dedicate two hours per day "collecting" people as fans, or spending money on RN promotions and fake facebook "likes". We'll instead focus on promoting our new CD Operation Overlord with the help of our record label, and on making music.

Speaking of CD, it will be released on February 22!



Hellrazer signs with DOTT records

Hellrazer are pleased to announce that we have just signed a world wide distribution deal with German record labels Dust on the Tracks Records for the release of Operation Overlord. The album is currently being mixed by Jeff Muller at Alchemy studios and will then be mastered by legendary producer Michael Wagener. This will start a new chapter in the history of Hellrazer.

Hammerdrone  (over 5 years ago)

Well done, guys! :-)

Fanatic religious zealots

It is sad to see all the violence that is gripping the middle east because of that useless youtube video - this just proves that religious fanaticism is a danger to our planet. Coincidentally, this is the message of "Enemy", a new tune that will be featured on our forthcoming CD and which is posted on our site as a rough mixdown.

Recording update

Another full day spent in the sweaty vocal booth torture chamber! Result: all lead vocals for the Operation Overlord CD are finally done. Some more lead tracks and a few bass lines and we'll be off mixing the tracks.

Recordings winding down

We are getting close to the finish line - three more tunes for vocals, bass and leads, and we're ready to mix the album.

Rhythm Guitars done

We are now done with rhythm guitar recordings for all 12 tunes on the new album. The new songs are beginning to sound tight and heavy, and the total playing time is close to 68 minutes (that's almost enough for two CDs)! Now it is on to bass and vocals.

Hellrazer recording update

Drums are finally in the can, now it's time for some rhythm guitar overdubs.

The cover art has been completed by our designer Anestis Goudas - stay tuned!