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what we know as apathy

The sweet torture of being alive, don't you wish it didn't hurt so bad, just to breathe and be alive to watch them go on and on with their emptiness, their lack of virtue, their utter lack of purity in spirit and heart. ....

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Oxymoron blend me in

You are like a riddle I can’t solve,

A book I can’t read,

A solution I can’t comprehend,

A beginning I didn’t see coming,

A middle that seems never ending,

An end that is always immediate but nowhere in sight,

A story that doesn’t make sense,

A rhyme that follows its own rules,

A metaphor without comparison,

A crime unsolved,

A road windy, straight and unapproachable,

A flexible steel brick that never breaks,

A cloak of invisibility that covers up nothing,

The biggest oxymoron I could think of…and the greatest challenge for the mind,

The heart of a lion, the will of a mule, wherever and whatever you do, I can only follow you,

Drawn by some invisible force, never able to lose you, unable to keep up with you,

You’ll drag me to my grave and make me revolt against death, I know it, and you know it, too. And that’s why I hate you, I love you, I wish you weren’t and I’m grateful you are.

blood on our hands

Everyone is talking, my ears only hear the clutter of broken words, phrases tinted in the black ink of my blood. Your blood? Our blood?

My mind is racing down the avenues, chasing shadows, long forgotten ghosts of the past that still haunt me, you, us. We are both prisoners, we are both living in the shadows, waiting, lurking, peering out underneath the thick fur our beast instincts have caused us to grow.

Beast against man, beast against woman. The fight is unequal, unfair, but we can’t stop, everyone has their reasons for fighting. Outsmart the beast. You cry, but I can’t hear you. I cry, let it go, but you can’t hear me either. Thus we stumble in the dark, both equally mixed up with feelings of despair and longing, the need to surrender and the fear of giving in are like two polar magnets, pushing each other away, never able to meet.

Reach out for me, but I can only hand you a towel to wipe away the pearls of sweat that have appeared on your forehead, a thirsty and tired look on your face. I wonder how long we will both be able to continue to stand against the current. The wave is already clashing against our heels, warning us to finish what we have started. Overcome, dominate and harness the wild energies that threaten to kill the spark of human divinity that runs through our veins. The dark red blood of our ancestors’ clumps in thick knots around the aorta, only a thin stream of light colored blood gets through to the organ that will keep us alive, breathing and will save us, you and me, together. Not separate. Will we win this fight?


Someone who comes to you claiming to know better or more than you is an impostor. A true sage will always wait for you to recognize and request his wisdom and then humbly state his opinion. He will be curious to know and learn from you firstly because he knows about the wisdom in all of us and cherishes each person as an incarnation of the divine with a unique message and lesson to teach.