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The Middle School Song

less finger picking + more simple strumming = quick lyrics. I am reading this great book called Song Man... and its funny cause a few days after I figured out the equation above... I read the same advice from Andy Partridge in an interview from the book mentioned above

Works in Progress

Three Toe has decided to work on his chops before he records tunes. Instead of using the studio as a crutch Three Toe has decided to write songs on the back porch and finish them outside. The cave of the studio is cold, and most of the work in the studio focuses on drowning out performance issues with effects processors.

So there are about 4 works in progress of which two are for a wedding. I have now written 3 goofy wedding songs. They are fun to write... but can only be played in one venue.

Hey Love will be finished by May. and Take me Back will be finished before my April 5 I am hoping. Hey love is a power pop wedding song and take me Back is straight up old school political (farm) Folk. [can i say straight up with all them post cursers]