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Recording a new album

So, we started getting prepared for our next DIY album. Taking some time off from playing shows this winter to get it done. We practice in a room off of Harrison's garage and had to clean it out as well as a good portion of his garage. We decided to put our guitar and bass cabs in the garage and run cables to them from our amps in our practice room. Enclosed them with sound panels and mattresses. Since we had to clear everything out we took the time to finally put up insulation board on walls and ceiling. This should make it a lot toastier in the winter. We'll also be putting up foam to cut down on the sound bouncing all over. Got the drum room set up too. Just need to get the recording computer and equipment set up and run cables. Then we'll be able to start checking mics and setting levels. The first goal is to get the drums done. We all play along with Pete though and if any of us get a good take as well then that's all the better. Having gone through the process before we're hoping it will take less time. Hopefully by summer or fall we can have the finished product. We still need to write two or three more songs too. We have plenty of riffs it's just putting them together and writing lyrics that's going to take some time. Our song writing process has definitely become streamlined as well so it shouldn't take too long. Recording can be trying but enjoyable at the same time. Here's to another killer Ire Clad album!


Wow, Ire Clad has been keeping busy lately! We debuted our new video for the song (In My Head) Forevermore recently and it's getting a lot of views which is super cool. It was written, directed and produced by Brian Burpee and Harrison did the audio. We're thankful to Brian and proud of it. We have also recently released three new demos, God of War, Sinnerstone and Blindside. We'd been playing these songs live and finally got around to recording them. Harrison used handheld recorders through our mixing board to capture the rhythm parts and then we added the solos and vocal parts. They came out pretty good! We also have a Heaven and Hell cover we're working on for a Dio tribute show in Cortland, NY on August 10th. This song fits our style very well and is heavy as hell! Besides that we've got five other originals in the works. They range from sultry to smashing in sound! Our next show is Friday July 19th at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY with our old friends J.A.C.K. from Elmira, NY and new friends Pool of Thorns from NJ. See you there! \m/


Performing for people is a wonderful thing. It's full of excitement and energy and what every band works toward. The actual songwriting process is extremely fulfilling as well. We usually start with a guitar riff or grouping of riffs that are brought to the table. The other guitar line is worked out, sometimes mimicking the original riff or playing a different melody over it. Bass lines are worked up and they also can be the same as the guitar riff or completely different. There are nice dynamics when it's different but when we all come together to play the same riff it can be quite powerful. Various beats are tried and different tempos. There's a lot of "What if you tried this?" It's great because we all have input to shape the song. Vocals usually come last and can really change things up. Melodies are usually sung with no words and lyrics are written later. A verse or chorus may become longer, shorter or have notes completely changed. What it comes down to is that you're working together to create something from nothing. It's s pretty good feeling especially when the song starts to come together. So, while performing is great, the actual songwriting process is also very gratifying.

New year, new music

Happy New Year!! When does one stop saying Happy New year anyway? After the first week of January, second week, February? Anyway, Ire Clad is psyched to bring you lots of new music for 2013. We currently are working on six new originals and one cover song!!! Two of the originals are very near completion as well as the cover song. We can't wait to play them for you! We're also excited about the video that we shot and that is currently being finalized for release in March. We and Brian Burpee put a lot of work into it and I think you're going to like it! We've also scraped enough money together for a new T-shirt run which we should have for you soon. It was great to be named one of 2012's best local bands by Jim Catalano in the Ithaca Journal. The song Empowher was one of the best songs of the year as well. We've already started booking shows for the new year too. Next up we'll be opening for a massive night of metal at the Hot End in Elmira on Saturday 1/26. Followed by Blindbob's Birthday Bash at the Hammerd Compound in Groton on Saturday 2/2. This is the same place where Ire Clad played their first gig for the Fallen Heroes Jam. Bob has quite the stage and sound system and it will be cranked to 11! On Saturday 3/16 we're back at The Haunt for and early show from 6-9 with Cortland rockers, Knuckle Burn. See you soon at a show! Ire Clad


Ire Clad is nearing the end of the instrument recording phase for our premier album. All the recording/mixing is being done in our homebrew garage studio by our singer/guitarist/mixer extraordinaire Harrison. He sure is making it sound sweet! Meanwhile Pete, the guy who hits things, has been busy creating the album cover as well as working on some images for the insert. Man the album cover is going to be one bad mutha! Meanwhile, Eric and I (Jerrod) have been providing emotional support and promoting the band whenever we can. This will culminate in our CD release party at The Haunt in Ithaca NY on Saturday June 16.