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Zativah Kid on the Run!

Hello rock fans! It's going well here in Zativah land. We've been playing shows and blowing minds just like we always do. We just welcomed Alli Lynn and Orion Quest officially to the Zativah gang. We will be playing Monday July 9th at the Dirty 30 in Dallas, TX. Let us feel your love and come out to see the greatest show this side of the Rio Grand!

Six Gun Itch!


Rock the Hard Way!

Hey all! This is yours truly, Coz Kalamity, with a little modern history. The past few months have been LOUD and LOADED with rock goodness! We've played, The Rail, Tomcats West, The Ranch, and The Bone. Every time has been a blast and the love has been unparalled! We have recorded some tracks and will be handing out free cd's from now on. We will keep it rockin so keep your ears and eyes open for the next show! Peace and Rock!