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Tightrope Tour Thus Far - Entry 2

5/22 - The run of perfect weather ended as we headed south to play the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA. This was our first time at this historic theater and we can’t wait to return. The crowd absolutely loved the show and we love playing beautiful theaters like this. Also great to hear The Youngers who are old friends from the days of Spittle Fest at The Brewery in Raleigh. 5/23 - Friday was a big day. We fought the traffic to get to our nation’s capital and play our first show at The Hamilton. Long story short, this venue is unbelievable!! The absolutely huge crowd that turned out was awesome! DC has been very good to us over the years and we’ll return to The Hamilton again soon. 5/24 - Ashland Coffee & Tea marked the final show of this initial run of the Tightrope Tour. We notched another sell out in our belts and closed the week with epic record sales. Ashland has been such a hotbed of support for CCL. You’re passion has been duly noted!

5/30 - So we took a few days off and finally slept. Did some radio stuff in the NC Triangle and got pretty for our hometown release show at The Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC. This was such a special night for many obvious reasons. But also because most of us saw shows featuring The Del McCoury Band, Allison Krauss & Union Station, The David Grisman Quintet, The Seldom Scene, Gillian Welch etc. at this storied venue while attending NC State University. To finally get to perform on this stage was an honor and mile post of the progress of this band. What can we say other than this night was absolutely fantastic! Our friends Mipso opened the show and sounded great. The crowd was so energetic and we could totally feel the energy from the stage. Again, thanks Yeproc for helping make so much of this happen. Also, thanks to Cat’s Cradle for promoting the show and doing a wonderful job. 5/31 - The following morning arrived quick but we were back on the road. We were honored to open the season of music at The Blue Ridge Music Center near Galax, VA off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is an amazing venue for acoustic music and is in an area with so much history in bluegrass, country and old-time music. Thanks to the Buckstankle Boys for kicking off the night.

So, now we relax for a couple of weeks and take it all in till we head out to Colorado. Starting June 13 we have some great shows upcoming on the front range in Ft. Collins & Denver. We’re also performing at the Palisade Bluegrass Fest & Telluride Bluegrass.

Thanks so much to the huge and enthusiastic crowds that came out to all the Tightrope Tour shows!! Thanks also to everybody that a copy of the record at our shows, stores and on line. We debuted at #3 on the Bluegrass Billboard chart! See you in Colorado and beyond. -CCL

Tightrope Tour Thus Far - Entry 1

When I awoke today on this amazing spring day I realized we haven't blogged in quite a while. So now I sit on my back porch thinking of all that has happened in the last 2 weeks since the release 'Tightrope'. My first thought is that I can't believe how long we've been touring and making records. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were recording our first record. It was an incredibly exciting time and we had no idea what we were doing. Not too much has changed since then. So Tightrope came out on Tuesday May 20 but the tour for the record started a few days before. On Saturday May 17 we loaded up the van and drove south of Charlotte, NC for the 8th Annual Drumstrong Rhythm & Arts Festival. We were very honored to be asked to play because it’s a festival that supports helping children with cancer. Drumstrong has been around for 7 years previously but this marked the first year of having live music. As with any new music festival, a long term view needs to be taken. You can’t expect to sell out the festival in the first year. I can happily say that Drumstrong is doing exactly this. The festival is put together very well and if folks spread the word it will become a great event for years to come. The grounds are absolutely beautiful! The stage set up is great, there’s lots of great food, beer and crafts. The camping area is pristine with lots of room for folks to stretch out and have a great time during a long weekend. Best of all, they are committed to bringing lots of great bands to perform. We look forward to making a return in the future. The crowd at Drumstrong gave us an enthusiastic welcome and kept wanting more. 5/18 - Next stop on the Tightrope Tour was a doozy of a commute! But, this is what you sign up for in this business. We left Charlotte at about 9pm and needed to be in Annapolis, MD by noon the following day. I’ll spare you the details, but we made it. Spring time in Annapolis is pretty glorious to say the least. We did a 3pm show with Willie Watson (formerly of Old Crowe Medicine Show) and our good friends Mandolin Orange. This was a great show with a lot of variety and the sold out crowd was pumped about all 3 acts. Afterwards, we ate some sushi w/Andrew and Emily of Mandolin Orange and chatted about our upcoming European Tour in November. (We’re hitting the road together in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands & Belgium.) 5/19 - Monday rolled around and next stop was NYC. We decided that we should try to get into the city early so we could take in the amazing weather in Central Park. Beers in the park with a charcuterie and cheese plate is hopefully a new tradition for CCL? Anywho, the gig at Hill Country BBQ was awesome. It was a full house and our yankee friends loved the new tunes! 5/20 - Release day finally arrived in Boston on Tuesday. The new ‘Tightrope of Love’ video premiered on Paste.com. Big thanks to Patrick Shanahan for directing this awesome video. We’re really proud of it and and are hearing rave reviews from our fans. BIG THANKS to Yeproc Records for releasing Tightrope!!!!! The crowd in Boston was pumped about us doing our release day show with them. The show was sold out and the crowd was primed for a big night of tunes. Sarah Borges did a great solo set to open the show. 5/21 - We headed west to the Berkshire’s of MA to return to the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA. This is such a cool town with lots of interesting people and things to see. Big thanks to Bright Lines for a killer set to open up the shos. Late night pizza at Mimo’s is a must after a beer at Ye Ole Watering Hole.

Tightrope Due May 20th on Yep Roc Records

Our New Album, Tightrope will be released May 20, 2014 on Yep Roc Records!

awake sweet dream

Alllllright we're up. Headed on the road next week down to entertain some retirees in Florida. Merlefest is the end of the month, keep your shoes on!

Colorado Rubber Band

Stretching out this week and next all the way to beautiful Colorado and then snapping back. We've got some great shows lined up, as well as our 3rd appearance at the Durango Meltdown so check out the tour and come on out if you are in the area. In other news, we've been hard at work editing our Live Album & DVD set and everything is looking & sounding great. We still can't tell you when it will be out, but that should be before all the leaves fall off the trees so stay tuned. See all you folks out on the road.

Summer is here!!

Did spring actually happen in 2011? The answer for Raleigh, NC is a definite 'no'. Winter ended and the heat came fast but we in CCL are not scared of too much sunshine. In fact, we relish it because it means it's time to hit the road.

Last week we loaded up the van and hit the road for a 10 day tour of the midwest. We hit Knoxville, TN first and played a great new venue called the Relix Variety Theatre. WDVX was kind enough to host us on their 'Feature at Five'. We then made our way to the historic Bill Monroe Bluegrass Park at Bean Blossom, IN for the John Hartford Memorial Festival. We had a blast and hope that this becomes an annual affair in southern Indiana. After playing a killer show w/Joe Ely in Berwyn, IL we headed west to Iowa where we played shows in Davenport and Des Moines. We also had the pleasure to record a set of music for the wonderful Daytrotter. (Look for this coming out later this summer at www.daytrotter.com).

Our travels then lead us further west to Omaha for a killer show at The Waiting Room Lounge. Thanks to Dean and Gary for the amazing grub and homebrew. The wheels then turned south to KC for a big time at Davey's Uptown w/Adam Lee and his fantastic band. Late night gyros on the southside of KC is a must see!! By this time the band has played so much pool and snooker that we're covered in blue chalk. More on that later..

We rolled through the famous arch for a Friday night in St. Louis at KDHX's 15th Twangfest. The good folks in St. Louie were undeterred by a sewer back up from a torrential rain during our set. Despite the musty swell the band played on and folks waded through one of the more interesting sets we've played in a while.

Finally, the tour was capped in Louisville, Kentucky at a new club called Uncle Slayton's. This is a really intimate new room and folks should come and check it out.

Though CCL is back in NC, we will be back out on Friday for shows in Asheville, Charlotte & Aberdeen this weekend. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time for all these as they will surely be packed. Cheers!!

Wildwood Euro Tour thus far...

Howdy from the Emerald Isle CCL fans!! We have just arrived in Kilkenny, Ireland for our 8th show of the Wildwood Euro/UK Tour. Wow, we are having a great time and we think the audiences are as well. Our jet plane left Raleigh on Wednesday the 15th and we've been playing every night ever since. The 1st show in Belguim and the next 2 in Holland were fantastic. It's so cool to run into folks half a world away that are so interested in what we do. It was pretty cool to see so many new faces as well. Fortunately, tragedy was narrowly avoided when we left Amsterdam for the UK. (Our key broke off in the lock of our van outside our Amsterdam hotel. We were temporarily stranded at our hotel for about an hour. But, the Dutch team jumped to action and found a spare and we maede it to our flight.) But, there was on minor tragedy. Teer told a motorist that the road was blocked due to b/c our 'broken' van key, the motorist proceded to tell John that he was 'broken'. No worries because we made our flight and there was a great crowd waiting for us in Bristol that same night. The next morning we decided to do a bit of a detour and go check out Stonehenge. It was spot on and there is video to prove it. Go to youtube and search 'Chatham County Line Stonehenge'. You won't regret it. London and New Castle also brought big crowds and a lot of excitement. After a long drive to Carlisle after our New Castle show we got up very early to make a ferry bound for Belfast. Fish & Chips on a boat w/a movie theater and sports bar got us back on our feet and ready for Ireland. Last night in Belfast was killer. The locals literally tried to drown us Guiness and almost succeeded. But, we got up this morning and put on our game face and got to Kilkenny for a sold out show tonight at Cleere's. This will be our first time back to Kilkenny since playing the music festival here a couple years ago. There was so much excitement that we contemplated staying in Ireland for good after the fest. We'll keep you posted on what happens this year. We'll be in Dublin tomorrow night and then the tour ends in Leeds back in the UK. More to come... -CCL

Wildwood Euro Tour/ World Cafe Live etc.

It is now September 13 and that means 'Wildwood' has been on the shelves for 2 months. The record has sold great thus far and we've been fortunate to perform for lots of large crowds all across the U.S.

The excitement is building for our latest venture over to Europe and the UK. Things have steadily grown over the past 6 years overseas. As the venues get bigger and the crowds get more energized we can't help but think that Europeans are some of the most fans rabid music fans around. On this latest tour we will returning to a lot of places we've already played. We're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

Note that CCL will be featured on NPR's 'World Cafe Live' on Sep. 28. This show is syndicated nationally. Go to NPR's website for more info about broadcast times for your local affiliate.

Cheers, -CCL

Upcoming Wildwood Release Tour!!

It's hard to believe that we will soon be releasing our 5th disc on Yeproc Records!! (It seems like yesterday that we were just hanging out on Dave's porch trying to figure out how we could be more like the Del McCoury Band?)

"Wildwood" will hit stores on July 13. But, the "Wildwood Release Tour" begins prior to that date on Wednesday July 7. That will see the band travel across NC and VA to do a series of shows to showcase the new tunes.

After a short break the van will head north starting in Philly and then play a series of shows across the northeast and then head south through KY TN, & GA. From there it's on to the west coast and beyond. Hopefully glory awaits??

So, please come out and tell your friends!! We will have some new t-shirts and merchandise for sale along with our new record. See you soon!!

Wildwood to be released July 13th!

Yep Roc Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Chatham County Line's 5th Studio Album. Entitled "Wildwood," the record was recorded last December in the snowy confines of Asheville, NC. Presently you can sample "Crop Comes In" here on their reverbnation page.