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Get your C.I.T.Y. GEAR !!!

Be sure to go to heartofthecitylive.com and click C.I.T.Y. Ave. for all of exclusive merchandise. We have everything from "WELCOME TO THE C.I.T.Y." to "I'M SUPERBAD" hoodies, tees,etc.

Youtube videos available for MP3 download

Now you can download all your favorite jam sessions from THE C.I.T.Y. as MP3s to jam all day long !!!

THE C.I.T.Y. set to drop 4 track EP !!!

The C.I.T.Y. has brought together 4 fan favorites in the form of it's 1st studio release "THE HEART OF THE C.I.T.Y. EP". The project is set to drop this Fri. March 16th on cdbaby.com !!!!

THE C.I.T.Y. @ SXSW ???

Rumors have been spreading that THE C.I.T.Y. will be performing @ the SXSW Music festival in Austin, Tx. Fact or Fiction ? STAY TUNED !!!