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Banks and Cathedrals

After three years of silence, I’ve decided to get back into the music scene, this time in St. Louis. The Ladykillers officially disbanded in 2008, and I haven’t been writing much since then. Teaching has been my topic priority. Several things have inspired my writing lately. First of all, bringing Elicia into my life has given me plenty of reason to sing. I started working on concepts almost instantaneously. It didn’t come together until last December when we saw an acoustic performance of Badly Drawn Boy, a singer-songwriter from the UK. I realized then that I still had a voice and ideas to share. Going viral with this project was a painful decision. Memories of seven hard years as the frontman for the Ladykillers still ring loudly in my head. There were many highs but ten lows for every high. Our popularity peaked in year two, and we had a nice resurgence in 2006 with the release of Return to Nowhere. However, like many bands, we went away quietly. I do not want to fail at anything, but it was time to let go. Also, St. Louis is not a strong music town. Springfield, Missouri, looks like Austin compared to this town. Still, there are great artists in all aspects of entertainment working hard for success. Banks and Cathedrals comes from a U2 song. “Man builds a city with banks and cathedrals. Man melts the sand, so he can see the world outside.” The visual suggest that these two things are one in the same, built by man, and no more impervious to natural disasters, things not controlled by human hands. The songs, for now, are about New Orleans and my adventures there, and the Crescent City is a place that is no stranger to the “Hand of God.” Some titles include “The Fourth Wall,” “NOLA,” “Bourbon Street Oracle,” “A Straight Shot down the 55,” “Get Back in the Queue,” “Crescent City Lights,” “Watching the Sun Go Down on Tremé,” and “Where Were You When the Levees Broke?” Three demos are up on the band page. Please listen to them, and “like” my project! So far, I’ve only played open mic nights. I will be booking gigs this summer. Come and see me! Support music in the StL! Banks and Cathedrals Set Lists January, 17, 2011 Atomic Cowboy – St. Louis, MO “A Straight Shot down the 55” “Save it for a Rainy Day” (Jayhawks) “Watching the Sun Go Down on Tremé” “The Scarlet Tide” (Elvis Costello) February 28, 2011 Atomic Comboy – St. Louis, MO “Get Back in the Queue” “Straw Hat and Dirty Old Hank” (Barenaked Ladies) “This Joke Sport Severed” (Manic Street Preachers) “A Straight Shot down the 55” “Just Like Heaven” (Cure) May 16, 2011 Atomic Cowboy – St. Louis, MO “Crescent City Lights” “Get Back in the Queue” “Where Were You When the Levees Broke?” “Pissing in the Wind” (Badly Drawn Boy) May 19, 2011 Fred’s Six Foot Under at Iron Barley – St. Louis, MO “Watching the Sun Go Down on Tremé” “The Scarlet Tide” (Elvis Costello) “Get Back in the Queue” “A Straight Shot down the 55” “Running to Stand Still” (U2)