Five Day Rhetoric / Blog

Reaching Out

We currently have 3 scheduled shows in Nebraska next week! We are super stoked to perform for another broad group of our current fans. We feel that throughout these times of releasing an EP comes with a lot of pressure and hardships, but in the end the adventure is worth it. Thank you to all the people who stop by our various pages and listen to our music. We hope everyone who wants a EP, gets an EP! As a band we always need the support of our fans, so come enjoy the music. We are always happy to see the bright faces of the people who are helping make dreams become reality. ♥ 5DR

Canons EP

Well now that we have spent countless dollars and countless hours of time, our finished product is the sound we were going for! Hope you all enjoy "Canons EP" ♥ 5DR

Studio Time

So we've been in the studio for several hours now… and things are looking promising! This weekend we have another 2 days of hard work and stress, but the end result should be what we're looking for. Anybody who's interested, and lucky, can probably get hooked up with our EP, but we still need some love all around. We're hoping by the end of Nov. we have it all mixed and ready to be heard so keep checking back…. it's gonna be worth it!