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Delirious Lyrics

I took a shot in the dead of the night I felt wrong but i know im right I pray to God for the answers why I sit alone and still i get no reply

Is anybody listening Can anybody hear my cry I hope that you wont wreck this night I hope hope that you will recognize me

I felt you leave as you pulled away And looking back you had nothing to say That subtle looked stained on your face It changed my life and still it seemed so common place

For me and the times that we spent down on our knees.

I wanted you to show me How im supposed to live Ive never felt so lonely Its so hard to forgive You told me it was easy And life was worth much more. You laughed and left me bleeding.

Going Beserk Lyrics

Dont look at me that way I am a human being And i have needs Dont tell me thats its raining When your pissing on my head What she said.

Ill take a breath and sigh Cant even take another night of this Something deep inside Cant take another night of this

I love you the same way Its so hard to believe Cant you see That I'm one whose crazy And you're the one whose sick Yes Indeed

Album Credits

All songs written and recorded by The Mercy Case October 2010-September 2011. Mixed and Mastered in Somerville MA at Q Division Studios by Chris Johnson.