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Task listing.

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Bumping up to 4 performances a week, 1 Jam Session, 1 Band practice, Spell Book Compression (which is awesome by the way) and have to fit in some time for mixing/mastering and networking. Alright then...here we go...

Clickity Clack Blackmage is back!

So amidst the craziness that is my life i've found some sort of a center. I think i've begun to realize just what I need in this life. As I sat typing well into the night, I wished I had someone who could bring me something to drink and just give me A nice shoulder rub. After all, some one has to tend to the human soul and no one volunteered. But hundreds of artists, dozens of collabs and a ton of sifted media footage later i'm still going strong. Well in to the morning obviously. New "Things I learned from video games" will help me traverse this crazy life as I gather more water for the great flood. True Believers...it all starts soon.

Werd to Shockwave Pulsar

Going to be at cowboy monkey tonight at 9. After that, it'll be time to finish some collaborations finally and get some new music up. Lots of artists from reverbnation and lots from my home town. I can see blue magic in the distance. They don't know but they will find out soon how powerful blue magic can be. I always found myself shocked. Never threatened...but pleasantly surprised at its splendor.

Things I learned from video games: Lesson 5

Tragedy. It's only a matter of time before you lose someone close to you. For Cloud, it was aeris (aerith - whatever). What he ended up realizing is that, while the loss was painful, it gave him purpose to keep going. And besides that, he still had Tifa (who had a MUCH larger rack). Regardless of cup size, try to remember that no matter how desolate situations may seem, you still have a party. Readjust and continue your mission. (It's what aeris would have wanted.) The world does not stop while you weep. The problems you were put on this earth to solve WILL NOT stop and wait for you. That doesn't mean never take time to stop and mourn. It simply means if you wait too long, sephiroth will murder us all. The dead and gone do not need you. They have found their peace or their path. You must continue yours. Make it meaningful so that those who have died can revel in the stories you have to tell them when you reunite, and those who left will see you in your actions. And always remember true believers...You've got this!

Stiff performer

I'm not sure if it's my grasp of my own material holding me back or if it's just who I am as a performer but upon going back and reviewing my own performance videos, I always feel like I seem a little static. On ath eother hand, I have people telling me that it's quite the performance style because it's so intense and focused. They also enjoy the witty little banter in between songs. What can I say? I'm hilarious! Check it out if you want. Youtube "Blackmage cowboy monkey" and the performance should pop up. Been doing these open mics and showcases at Cowboy monkey for about 2 months now though i've only done 4 performances total. Stay tuned True Believers! New venues on the way!

Blue Magic

No, that is not an American Gangster reference. Blue magic is more commonly reffered to (in nerd circles or...nercles) as enemy skills. As it turns out, I have so many collabs up in the air right now, and I will absolutely be turning it on to get those done, I'll be able to release an entire mixtape. And that's the name of my new project. Blue Magic coming soon true believers!

Bumming around

Been doing nothing all day today and it feels phenominal. Then, out of nowhere, had a burst of inspiration and wrote an entire song on the way to dinner. I think it's going to be the intro to my first collaboration album. Details to be released soon. Til then true beezy's do your thing.

Open Mic Success

Both of my open mic performances have been a success. More than that, they gained me entry to a showcase that also went very well. Tried some new material out and more than the music, broke down into an acapella that actually sparked applause and cheers before I was even finished. On some of my realest stuff ever, it felt quite good. All this preparation to find out I had been ready long ago. Time to move True Believers! Let's do this!

Time to move forward

Now that i've got a desk top at home and all my accounts synced up, expect to see updates frequently. More pictures. More videos. More promo. More everything! True Believers!!!

Mission Accomplished!

My first 2 open mics went sterling! Small turn out for my performance simply because I always open the show case. But even those that would like to just sit back and talk found themselves at least a little enraptured. Come out to Cowboy Monkey every tuesday to see me do my thing. Some nights it'll be music. Other nights I may do some poetry but it's bound to get live. The question is, do you believe?