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Even then

“Even then my heart wanted to reach out and explore the things I had not yet become aware of, even now the tears that leave my eyes are tears that no longer have a special place in my life. No matter the pain that I go through or the joy that may follow I will always know that I am, me, and me only. Through everything else I can only think for myself.” ~Zamora~


Does everything seem empty to you? do you feel like no matter how hard you try that you just cant find a way to fit in? :( well thats how I am but it is okay because standing out is what makes you yourself

Two Seconds

The words escape the mouth of a broken soul The tears began to pour out of the eyes of a lonely child As she sits alone she wonders how her life could have been She pictures living in a house with wonderful memories instead of living in a decent home full of hatred. She always wanted to veiw the world to the fullest it could give but was always held back by the chains within. "I dont see how you have friends, you shouldnt be out in the world" the lonely girls father spoke to her and she began to cry because she thought to herself. Maybe what he is saying is true, maybe I wont amount to anything, maybe life isnt the best thing. Words are the worse as form of fighting, you can heal from a physical wound but there is a chance you can never heal from a mental wound. As the days grow shorter and the night grows longer she has no one who she can talk too, not anymore. ~Tye. M~

Welcome to my Symphony

Today, is a new day a da where anything can happen. Heart breaks mostly.

I will not give up, it isnt the kind of person I am :D

Thanks for the support everyone it means alot to me ^^

~Tye M.~

New Me :)

New me

Life has given and shown me soo much hatred...people lying,cheating,killing...making others feel like they dont belongWell you can do that to everyone else but no longer me, for way too long have I sat back and watched now its my turn...no more being used..no more lies..no moreI Tyesha Marie the Fashion Designer no matter what you guys say..:...