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My Heart & Soul Tape Why Everyone Needs To Hear It

My heart and soul tape captures the love life of recording artist Len.Knox. Each song on this project is about a lady that he has dated in his life or someone that had an emotional effect on him when it came to relationships. Whether it be them hurting him or the other way around, each story/song that is told goes into full detail about the young lady in question and what happened between them. There are no lies being told everything is said to be factual which is why he felt it was important to speak the names of the individuals in the songs. This was done so that there was no misunderstanding of whom he was speaking of when the audience hears the music.

The songs are not created or written to hurt those women in which he speaks of nor is he degrading the women in the songs. The songs only tell the story of how opening yourself up and your heart to someone else can result in pain and being hurt, but ultimately make you better and stronger as a person. It's written and designed to give him closure to the women that he has done wrong by and also those that have damaged him along the way.

This project gives a real life look inside the mind and emotional state of recording artist Len.Knox. While most rappers are quick to tell you how they've hurt countless women, but never reference how they have been effected. Len.Knox gives the flip side of things and speaks things that majority of men feel but are terrified to admit ESPECIALLY as a rapper.

This project has no limitations on who it can reach emotionally or who can relate to it. If you have ever been hurt by someone, ever been in love, or been the one doing the hurting this mixtape is DEF for you. There is no age/race/gender limit on this one..because we have all felt the emotions he expresses in this project. My Heart And Soul Tape May 20th it's time to start being honest with yourself...