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reverb nation, how do you work??

so, i really don't know how to naviagate around this website. i know how to post pictures, songs and videos. that's the important stuff right?... well since this is a blog i feel the need to post random news about myself and the band! so get this! tofay i got my prince autobiography in the mail... IN COMIC BOOK FORM! yes it really exists! it's 1/2 prince bio 1/2 george clinton. pat and i recently got to go see prince live with chaka khan, larry grahm and sheila e. it blew our minds! so, lately i've been looking up prince lp's on ebay and that's where i found that.

the end

lety (drums)

ps: heads up, our manager's name is also lety! we get mixed up for each other often so look out for that.