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Upcoming Release

After many delays, most of which were technical, the album is now almost finished and the last tracks are being mixed and mastered. My own style of arranging and layering instruments leaves no easy task for someone to mix the recordings. Many of the songs featured on the album contain songs within songs making the workload far more time consuming. In my own opinion this is an extremely ambitious album, particularly for a debut release. Being as how I am actually producing it myself and will be responsible for the mix, performance, arrangements, compositions, as well as the engineering, it can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully I will not be mastering by myself but will actually have help to do so. I'm not allowed to actually say when the release will be, but I can say a date will be announced soon. To be honest, I have actually spent sometime writing and recording many new songs that will appear on the album, although not all of them will make the cut this time but more than likely will see their debut on my second album. I have just signed a new 2 year contract with Asylum Productions so it will be released through them. I do apologize to those who've anticipated this release to be much sooner. I can only say that it is very hard to ignore one's own creative whims the moment they happen and revert back to working on older material, but as I said, many new songs will be featured on the new album, so I think it will be worth it, and I have a head start on the second album which I am extremely excited about.

New song

Check out the new song just uploaded called "What Nobody Knows"