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Bassists, Guitarists, and overall new things!

If you may or may not have noticed, we have been trying to make improvements to the band since Alex joined back in December, one such becoming a 4 piece band yet again. It's so much more fun to have a 4 piece, and we had a willing person to join. Everyone welcome Sean Pendleton! and there was much applause But, in all seriousness, we have been working long and hard perfecting the songs, coming up with ideas for each show, and just in general how to rock out concert venues. With the addition of Sean, we think that a two guitar frontman will work pretty well, in terms of both songwriting and performing. To any of you who have yet to come out to our shows, I suggest you try to make them. They get better everytime, and we can only hope that you all will agree! Rock, Whitlock

The New Drummer Boy

We highly doubt anyone actually reads these blogs of our's, but to that one fan that may, we have some updates. Plus, we can fit more information into a blog than we can into a status. To those of you who haven't come to our most recent show January 4th, we have acquired a new drummer, Alex Magnuski. Alex and I (Whitlock) have been friends for years now, dating back to Freshman year of high school. I always thought he was a little odd, but he was never an asshole, and I thought that was pretty cool. Sophomore year is when we really began talking, us having a mutual friend during lunch. Eventually, it just came to be that we were in his basement, him with his new drumset, and me with my SG (yes, it's actually MINE, not Serge's) and my little solid-state Fender amp. We tried playing a few songs, but without a PA system, or anyway to actually utilize vocals, it became apparent that we, well, sucked. Badly. At the time, all I wanted was to start a band, and we tried. We even played a block party in front of his house, and it was pretty bad. My vocals weren't as developed, and we had mere days of practice leading up to the day. They were all covers, but it didn't change the fact that we were both pretty bad. After being in The Alley Society for a few months, I decided we should try Alex out, teach him the songs and such, and see if he'd like to be in. Of course, we agreed that our original lineup was better. Quite the mistake we made, but it is in the past. We eventually went on, and due to internal issues, the band had a more or less private break up, with Jose and Tony going one way, and Sergio and I going a different way. Between August and December, Sergio and I tried looking for someone to play bass while I would play drums, seeing as Alex was in Iowa for college. Needless to say, our attempts were futile, and so we went into the studio as just us two. Yes, Indisclosed was only recorded between Serge and I. Come December, Alex said he was going to be in town for a few weeks. I asked if he'd like to try jamming a bit, and he said sure, so we moved all the amps and equipment to his house, and Serge and I taught him the songs. I booked us the gig on January 4th, and Alex managed to get all the songs down in about a week and a half, making them sound better and much more alive than either Serge or I could ever imagine. Unfortunately, we won't be able to practice or have any more shows until at least the summer time, for Alex is going back to Iowa to finish up his second semester. Should all go well, however, he will be back in Chicago in summer time, and we'll definitely be play some shows, be it block parties or gigs! Other than the story of our newest band member, there really isn't much else in the grand scheme of ourselves. While Alex will be away, Serge and I will continue to diligently write some new material for you guys, so that when summertime hits, you'll be able to hear how the new us sounds! Keep on rocking! -Whitlock

Credits for Indisclosed. Please read.

We (Sergio and I (Whitlock)) would like to make something clear on our new album, Indisclosed. First off, yes. It is spelled wrong. The proper spelling for the word is Undisclosed, but I had a brainfart when I typed it in, and I thought it sounded really good as Indisclosed. Now, why Indisclosed, or Undisclosed for that matter? Well, technically, this was supposed to be a secret album, where we'd get to record songs we didn't have a chance to as a band. If you're new to this, it's because Sergio wouldn't let me tell anyone. We broke up August 19th due to internal problems. Let's just say I'd like to keep the problems "Indisclosed"! Sorry. Bad joke. Made it up while typing. That does not mean we aren't done as a band. Sergio and I are currently writing new material for you guys. Some good mix between Punk and Alternative we know you'll like. And with new drummer Alex, we hope to make some amazing music. Now, for the real reason I made this blog. Tracks 3-6 are One Time Reaction, It Doesn't Matter To Me, Skanking, and Sunnyside Beach. Now, the It Doesn't Matter to Me and Skanking songs were Bye Bye Middle Class originals, but after they disbanded and we gained their drummer and guitarist, we incoporated the songs as The Alley Society's. We were given sufficiant permission from the original leader Mike to keep the songs as our own, as long as the lyrics were changed, and we did so. If you compare our lyrics with the originals, the only similiarities is the chorus for IDMTM and Skanking. That's it. Otherwise, lyrics ARE completely different. Sunnyside Beach is an interesting one, though. It was originally an Alley Society song, before Bye Bye Middle Class came around. It was called Suns & Suns, and those of you who have been our fans for a while will defintiely remember this as the introduction to Beach when played. When Bye Bye Middle Class formed, Jose took the song, and turned it into, I think, one of Bye Bye Middle Class's greatest songs, Sunny Days. Mike wrote the lyrics, and Jose played those power chords beautifully. Everything about the song was great. It was a song we could all connect to, when we make our way out, leaving today. Eventually, The Alley Society gained rights to the song, and instead of playing it as Sunny Days, we decided we should mix Suns & Suns with Sunny Days, giving birth to Sunnyside Beach. The intro and outro of the song remains Suns & Suns' clean guitar intro and outro, while the song features Sunny Days' power chord progression and lyrics. The Suns & Suns solos are added into the song too, giving it more depth. But enough of explaining the song. You can easily listen to it on here. I am here to give credits to Michael Obrecki for writing the lyrics. Sorry, man. We tried writing so many different lyrics for Sunnyside Beach, but the Sunny Days lyrics fit it too perfectly. We kept those lyrics, so I'm giving you credits for writing the song lyrics, even if they were originally intended for a different song. They have meaning behind them, whether you meant it or not, and I hope you don't get so angry with me and Serge for keeping the lyrics. As for It Doesn't Matter To Me and Skanking, I am oblidged to give Jose credits as well for writing the guitar riffs. It is only fair, seeing as they were originally HIS band's songs, and he wrote the guitar riffs. Now, that doesn't mean we'll stop using the songs. The songs belong to The Alley Society, and The Alley Society is Sergio, Alex, and I. -Whitlock

We're 1023 megabytes. We haven't gotten a gig yet...

Mind my humor in the title. I tend to make horrible jokes. But, all joking aside, we ARE looking for gigs. So, if you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy's cousin, let us know. We like to play free shows as much as we can. Plus, with the members being 18, it's hard to play bars unless we get special permission from the bars (yet, Sub-T let's minors in all the time. They just mark you as a minor. Why can't all bars do that...). Nevertheless, we HAVE experience playing bars and such, and playing in a little dinky bar would be fine by me as long as we can make at least a couple of fans at these things. We have our own equipment if need be, and modes of transportation to events can be arranged. If you guys help us out, AWESOME! I'm not saying that you have to help us. I just think all small bands could use help here and there. It's like crowd surfing; You don't just magically float in the air. People are supporting you and giving you that boost (and, in the case of females, "grabbing" you in all sorts of places like they've never grabbed before). So, if you guys help out with that boost, that'd be a real treat for us :D Well, all in all, we're looking for shows. Something past December 15th would be perfect, for we will have a 3 piece band together finally.

Needs moar blog/New Album

So, as you can see our first blog was almost a year ago today. We're not much for blogging, but hey we got stuff to say now. We recorded back in October about 6 new songs for you guys and a punk cover. Pretty good stuff. We still have two weeks until we officially release the album, but feel free to listen to the samples provided on our front page! You'll notice two new ones: Skanking and Wanted!. Now, Skanking is our more Skacore sound, a mixture between Ska music and Hardcore punk music. Operation Ivy is the perfect embodiment of Skacore. Anyway, great song, took a try or two to get it down, but we got it! The skacore inside is coming alive! Now, onto Wanted!. Wanted! is an older Alley Society song, and a favorite of mine. When listening, it sounds like there was a song before it. Rest assured, there IS, but it won't be heard until the album is officially released. It is our embodiment of punk. It takes the simple 3 chord, or in this case 4 chord, arrangement and gives it power! LOTS OF POWER, thanks given to Fender for it's wonderful instrument, The Stratocaster, for they're exceptional bass amp, the short lived all tube Fender Studio Bass, and the geniuses at Marshall and the minds behind Valvestate technology, giving the sound a very heavily overdriven tube sound with only a single ECC83 in there! Amazing what technology can do! Anyway, Wanted! is one of my personal favorites. It has a lot of energy that's built up in the beginning, and I believed released in that snare roll into the main song. Ah yes, the chorus "WANTED!". It's fast, fellas, but it's good. I like it. Well, we have another 2 weeks until the new album, and at the very least we can give a name, and I thank my idiotic brain for this one, but there's a very short story if you'd just stick around for a minute more! Serge was asking me what we should come up with. I couldn't think of an album name, so I as I uploaded it to iTunes, I wanted to give it the name "Undisclosed" since it was a bit of a secretive album anyway. Welp, my brain farted and I came up with Indisclosed, typing that into the album name as I imported the songs. I realized soon after the name was wrong, and went to change it, but noticed how the title seemed to match the feel of the album. I dunno guys. Maybe it's just me, but I'll let you guys decide! 12 days and counting!


Yeah, we're not much for blogging, but if we ever have something to share, we'll share it!