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News and updates from 8-29-2010 to 5-22-2011

5-22-2011 King of the ring had it's ups and downs. Optimus did a special appearance on the track MONEY, however the place was shut down after our set due to noise complaints. So I guess we rocked it pretty well :D On a different note we have a new track up on the site titled AMERICA check it out and there will a new video soon and if things go well a clothing store on the site as well. 5-12-2011 York PA S.I.N will be appearing @ King of the Ring. An Oil Wrestling Birthday Party Event. on 5/13/2011. Expect some videos ! 4-27-2011 for one month I will be giving away a free track, all you have to do is leave a comment on this site and tell me what track you would like along with your email and boom you got some free new music. Choose from : Hollywood, Hollywood Tonight, Everybody(Be A Star), Money. 4-17-2011 The special appearance in York PA went well, with some very minor problems. Alot of people turned out, loving the sinners. There's a new video in the video section from the show. check it out leave some love. 4-13-2011 S.I.N will be doing a surprise guest appearance at the private show/party for SKITZ PRODUCTIONS on Friday April 15th 2011, the time is still undetermined but be sure S.I.N will be there, also making an appearance with S.I.N will be Jeff Gennuso, better known as ZERO, the guitarist from The Devil's Angel. More info to come as well as some possible videos. 4-9-2011 2 new tracks almost completed. "Glamour Girl" and "Sick" 4-7-2011 "Glamour Girl" track almost completed for HOLLYWOOD cd. 4-5-2011 Official Twitter and Facebook site launched for S.I.N, the links are : Twitter : www.twitter.com/whatsyoursin Facebook : www.facebook.com/pages/SIN/179189662128334 3-12-2011 S.I.N HOLLYWOOD cd expected to be out for sale in late July. 2-27-2011 S.I.N meetup with SKITZ Productions, talk about a summer show in June/July. 8-29-2010 York PA Club XS The Devil's Angel Live, S.I.N Promotion