Gaslight Street : Blue Skies For Fools

Gaslight Street mines a deep, pulsating groove to produce disc gold on the revealing project, Blue Skies For Fools.

Gaslight Street's powerhouse rhythm section of Frank Nelson on bass guitar and Brooks DuBose on drums chart the hard-rocking territory inherent on "Black and Blue Salvia." Keyboardist Jason Stokes flavors the slow-burning "98 Blues" with intricate, mind bending organ fills. The opening track "Skin Deep" and the straightforward "Need My Rest" feature a new voice and main group lyricist, singer/ guitarist Campbell Brown. “Constantly Runnin'" has an easy, natural flow with thick harmonies from guest Cary Ann Hearst.

Blue Skies For Fools doesn't rely on the immediate gratification of studio gimmickry. The recording reveals an organic base of improvisational blues with a deeply transcendental and rewarding sound that pays dividends.

Gaslight Street's debut is a welcome respite from the patchwork sampling of music industry releases. It's good, tough soul music blended with southern fried jazz and jam.

Written by Bill Whiting

Gaslight Street Finds Blue Skies

Gaslight Street is another in a long line of Charleston bands holding promise by the purse strings. Many have swelled, some have crested, but few have broken. But when this band makes it, it will not be due to where they are from, but for what they bring. Blue Skies for Fools is the band's debut, but it's not a first endeavor for these veteran players who emit a laid-back approach to roots music that's like the third bourbon of an all-night bender. Campbell Brown, Jason Stokes, Frank Nelson and Brooks Dubose have bathed in the southeastern music scene and have fished its fertile waters. And this experience, bolstered by maturity beyond the born-on-date, makes Gaslight Street ready for widespread recognition.

Jamie Lee www.showeredandblueblazered.com