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The REZilient Mixtape out now. It couldnt be a better time and thank god for my talent and my blessing in my life. Things are lookin up and I remain humble and grateful for the support and fans who support me. Thank you all and remember to live life to the fullest cause there was a time when I didn't want to live but I do now and my light shines brighter everyday. My family and friends mean alot to me and always will. I have witnessed many things and made mistakes but moving on is the best thing I ever did in my life cause regretting things only makes life more miserable and resentful. I love my life and this musical journey is a struggle but someday I will be at peace within and will be in a good place. Thank you to those who helped raise me when I was a young boy you know who you are! Much love to my friends and family cause without you there would be no Red Rokk. Peace and take care.