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Eric Strickland and the B Sides

Eric Strickland and the B Sides have an exciting year coming up! The new album "Honky Tonk Till I Die" will be available for purchase within the next few weeks! Our calender is filling up and we are planning on launching our regional tour very soon! If you love legitimate country music then you're gonna wanna come see us!

Traditional country music

Its funny to me that popular society says that tradional country, western swing, and honky tonk music is dead. Well im proud to say that because of reverb nation, sirius radio and bands out there like mine that real country music can never die. Its the heartbeat of this country and the world and im glad to be a part of it. Thanks Eric Strickland

Eric Strickland and the B Sides

What a band. Performing live traditional country music and originals. Even my originals have that traditional honky tonl feel to them. If you like your country music without all the popy hard rock stuff mixed in then this is the band for you