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Our new album 'Mythandriel' is now in post-production and is set for release in 2016! Keep up to date with our video series 'Behind the Solace'. More videos to be added very soon! Looking forward to a new year, new music, new adventures and performing a brand new live show!

Part 1 - About the Album Part 2 - Drum Recordings Part 3 - Guitars Part 4 - Bass & Wizard stuff

Awaken Solace to support Kamelot

We are pleased to announce that Awaken Solace will be the Brisbane support act for KAMELOT during their long awaited Australian tour. Words can’t describe how happy and grateful we are to help welcome these Grand Masters of Symphonic Power Metal to our shores for the first time ever.

Special thanks to Metropolis Touring & Metal Evilution for this amazing opportunity. We can’t wait and look forward to seeing many of you at the show!!! \m/

Announcing the first Music Video from Awaken Solace


We are very excited to announce the production of Awaken Solace's first and soon to be released music video. We'd also like to introduce to you the team of professionals that have been working hard behind the scenes for a number of months now.

Leading that team is master mind and Director Jake Brown & Producer Julian Pennisi of BlackLine Media. We have also been very privileged to engage the services of ACS award winning Cinematographer Dr. Dominic Muench (pictured) of Blacksun Productions and owner of the famous RED ONE camera.

We'll be unveiling more of the forthcoming clip but we'd like you to guess which song it is through a series of clues and riddles we'll be supplying to this page over the coming weeks. You'll be granted three guesses so choose wisely. If you guess correctly you'll go in the draw to win a selection of Awaken Solace items and limited edition memorabilia celebrating the video's release : D \m/

The Album is Here!!!

The time of awakening is this Friday 1 June!!! You can order your copy of 'In Nightfall's Embrace' now from our online store http://www.awakensolace.com/our-store.html Purchase before 3 June and recieve the album at the special introductory price of $20 AUD + p/h. Also available are special bundle deals when buying the album with any of our other merchandise. If you're in Brisbane please join us at the official launch this Friday at Basement 243, where we'll also be offering this discount at our merchandising table. Awaken Solace play at 10pm but we encourage you to stay the whole night as there's an awesome line-up of bands to see. Check out our gigs page for more info.

Recording Continues

After all this time, Awaken Solace is still in the studio working very hard on the album. We are making sure to get everything just right and this perfectionism has slowed us down somewhat when compared with original projections of a finishing time.

Even before any mixing or mastering, we are all very excited and proud of the sound we already have and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

We can reveal that the title of the album will be In Nightfall’s Embrace and it will consist of 14 songs, covering a wide range of styles from sweeping epics, to faster power metal anthems all the way down to acoustic ballads and orchestral lullabies. We will be releasing a double CD product, with the second CD to be a vocal/orchestral arrangement of all the songs.

Artwork for the album is on its way too and looks amazing. We’re also having our first official photo shoot in a couple of weeks for album and promotional images.

We’ve released some photos of our time in the studio so far on our Facebook, MySpace and Reverbnation pages. It seems like we’re all having a fun time and working very hard, which are both very true.

As you can see, it’s quite an ambitious project and we still have quite a way to go, with the recording of two choirs and some of Brisbane’s best solo instrumentalists still to come. It’s fair to say that we’re still at least two months away from a finished product. Thank you all for your patience and keep checking us out for further updates.

Maree, Robert, Elspeth, Taylor & Rodrigo (Awaken Solace)

The Journey Begins

Well, it has only been a couple of months since Awaken Solace announced the recruitment of its final line-up and began spreading the word of plans to record their first full-length album. Preparations are running smoothly, writing for the album was completed in April after several months of collaborating and recording ideas. We are now busily rehearsing and booked to move into the recording studio in July.

This month saw the announcement of Awaken Solace on social network sites Facebook, MySpace and Reverbnation. Thank you to everyone that has gone in to listen to the demo and 'liked' or added yourself to one of our pages. Due to your support the band crept up the Reverbnation Brisbane metal charts this week peaking at number 35. Not bad considering we haven't posted any full-length tracks as yet.

The album will be a unique endeavour in the Brisbane metal scene with plans to include special guests on the album including members from the Ignatians choir and instrumentalists to accompany the orchestral arrangements. Next on the agenda is the development of concept art and sourcing professional photography.

We are looking forward to unleashing ourselves on the live stage. This will take place after the completion of the album recording, including professional mixing and mastering of the orchestral tracks which will accompany live performances. We hope to be on stage by late September and an official album launch will be announced shortly after.

Stay posted through our social network outlets or on our official website (www.awakensolace.com), throughout July for updates on our time in the studio.

Thank you everyone for your support, the time of awakening draws near...

Maree, Robert, Elspeth, Taylor & Rodrigo Awaken Solace